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If you are a fan of My Hero AcademiaYou must already know that today a new arc begins, where the villains will be the protagonists. So Funimation gives us all the details about «My Villain Academia» next:

Culver City, California (August 21, 2021) –The UA High School students have endured many trials during their pro hero training in the fifth season of My Hero Academia this summer. But now League of Villains will have their turn in the action-packed premiere of My Villain Academia, with the participation of Meta Liberation Army, that starts today August 21 in Funimation and that will be broadcast simultaneously with subtitles in English, Spanish and Portuguese and will have dubbed versions in a few weeks.

The league of villains is bankrupt and not getting quick results. The huge bodyguard of All For One, Gigantomachy, comes to pulverize and shape them. But before they get back on their feet, the sinister Meta Liberation Army, leadered by King-Right, appears out of nowhere to destroy the League and anyone who tries to regulate the Quirks.

This collection of episodes is dedicated to the bad guys of the past and present of My Hero Academia and it will be an exciting tour that will keep the audience in suspense, with Himiko Toga who will be seen in a bloody confrontation and new details about the tormented past of Tomura Shigaraki. What secrets will League of Villains reveal when it faces its greatest adversaries yet?

The first 13 episodes of the fifth season of My Hero Academia adapted to Joint Training collection of stories in which UA High School classes 1-A and 1-B face off to measure strength and ingenuity. Secondly Endeavor Agency where Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki take on professional hero work with Endeavor, the current # 1 hero just ended.

My Hero Academia Is available in Funimation in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand as well as in Scandinavia via Wakanim, part of Funimation Global Group.

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