FUNKO is one of the most famous collectible figure companies in the world, mainly for its FUNKO POP, big-headed vinyl figures about 9 centimeters tall that recreate the most significant features of the most popular characters from movies, series, video games, comics, cartoons and endless other references. Nowadays, practically everyone knows FUNKO POP figures, being an icon of popular culture, with users who have a few figures of their favorite characters, and fans who have dozens, even hundreds of bobblehead dolls decorating your shelves.

Every year, FUNKO presents new references, with regular and exclusive figures that are the delight of its followers, participating in toy fairs, and, in recent years, creating their own conventions. Therefore, keeping track of the releases is vital so that the bobblehead dolls we are looking for do not escape, and finding an updated guide is necessary to find all the FUNKO POP. The best FUNKO POP It is a website that performs a comprehensive monitoring of all company launchesand, organizes the collections into different categories to make it easy to find each fan’s favorite FUNKO POP.

The toy company FUNKO POP was born in 1998, and, from its beginnings, it opted for a very particular slogan, “Everyone is a fan of something”that is, “Everyone is a fan of something”. As you can see, this slogan is fulfilled to the letter, since the catalog of FUNKO POP bobblehead figures grows and grows, and seems to have no limits. The style of the FUNKO POP figures is based on the “chibi” or “kawaii” concept, very typical of Japanese culture, with small bodies and large animated heads with simple but attractive features. The great growth of the company is probably due to licenses such as Disney, Marvel, DC, starwars, Harry Potter…which have boosted sales to stratospheric levels.

What types of FUNKO POP are there?

After presenting this company, we must decide which FUNKO POP to buy, either for ourselves or as a gift to a friend or family member. The first thing we need to know is that there are different types of FUNKO POP figures, with different peculiarities that attract the attention of the fans. Next, we will mention the main types of FUNKO POP figures on the market:

  • regular FUNKO POP: the regular FUNKO POPs are the most common models of collectible figures of the company. These figures, which can be purchased in physical stores and online, have specific closed collections, presented both on the company’s social profiles and at certain fairs and conventions.
  • exclusive FUNKO POPs: The category of exclusive FUNKO POP is very wide and varied. Exclusive FUNKO POPs, as their name suggests, are very difficult models to obtain, as they are only sold in certain circumstances. exist FUNKO POP exclusive to certain stores, that is, that can only be purchased in that establishment, FUNKO POP exclusive to conventions, which are only sold during a convention or fair, or FUNKO POP with exclusive print runswhich are only manufactured in a certain quantity.
  • FUNKO POP Chase: The FUNKO POP Chase concept must be separated from the exclusive models, as it is a very particular type of FUNKO. Within the regular collections, on certain occasions, some of the models have a “variant” version known as Chase, which appears only 1 in 6 times. In other words, a FUNKO POP Chase is a more difficult version to get inside a certain doll. It is worth mentioning that there is also an exclusive FUNKO POP with a Chase version, models extremely difficult to obtain and with an incalculable value.

In addition to these figures, within the collections there are dolls with special characteristics that are accompanied by their sticker. Among them are the following FUNKO POP: Glow in the dark, which glow in the dark, Flocked, which have a hair finish, Glitter/Diamond, which have a layer of glitter, Metallic, with a metallic style, or Scented, which have a certain scent. On the other hand, it should also be mentioned that there are FUNKO POP of a larger size, 15, 25 and even 50 centimeters, special diorama-style collections, etc.

What FUNKO POP to buy? The huge catalog of bobblehead dolls

Once we know that there is an enormous diversity of FUNKO POP dolls, we must decide which FUNKO POP to buy, either for our collection or to give as a gift to a friend or family member. For this, we must talk about the different categories that the FUNKO POP company uses to divide its dollshaving a series of vital references to determine the main collections.

To start, we will talk about FUNKO POP Disney, the collection of bobblehead dolls based on the movies and series of the mouse company. This collection, which has both big-headed figures from Disney classics, as well as new releases, is one of the most followed, launching every year a multitude of exclusive and regular figures. In recent years, FUNKO has expanded many collections for the anniversary of certain films, be it for the 70th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland or for the 30th anniversary of the Beauty and the Beast.

On the other hand, we have the collection of FUNKO POP of series, with very striking models of the most followed series in history. Combining current series releases with old series, this collection is great for series fans who want to own a bobblehead doll from their favorite series. In this category we have FUNKO POP the House of the Dragonone of HBO’s hits, a prequel to Game of Thrones, delving into the Dance with Dragons, one of the bloodiest historical events of the Targaryen dynasty.

If we talk about series, we have to talk about movies, with a very wide collection of figures FUNKO POP from the world of cinema. In this section the hits, historical and recent, of the big screen appear. Collections like Harry Potter incorporate year after year new FUNKO POP, due to the great popularity that the franchise has had, and other films have smaller collections of a few characters. Many hope to discover what surprises FUNKO will have in store for next year regarding this section.

A category highly acclaimed by collectors are the FUNKO POP anime, collectible dolls of the main franchises of the genre. Anime lovers are prone to collect figures and such merchandise of their favorite saga, and, with FUNKO, they have found the goose that lays the golden eggs. Among the most acclaimed anime we have Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, One Piece, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan either death note.

Other categories that deserve a mention are: FUNKO POP cartoons, athletes, video games, musical groups and artists, historical figures, brands, etc.. As we can see, the slogan of the company is fulfilled, “Everyone is a fan of something”. In short, finding a FUNKO POP will be easy, but finding a single FUNKO POP will be more complicated, given the huge collection of bobblehead dolls available. chibi of this toy company.