Genshin Impact: a player reproduces the recipes of MiHoYo’s game on TikTok for a more than appetizing result!

Game news Genshin Impact: a player reproduces the recipes of MiHoYo’s game on TikTok for a more than appetizing result!

A few weeks ago, MiHoYo’s latest creation celebrated its first anniversary. While things did not go as planned, not least due to the reduced festivities within the game. However, that did not prevent some from celebrating the anniversary of the game in their own way and to say the least, is that the tribute in question made our mouths water!

Like many other games before it, Genshin Impact has a kitchen mechanic that allows characters controlled by the player to benefit from some improvements during the exploration or combat phases. Without being an essential mechanic within the game – although very useful! -, there are players for whom the simple act of cooking in a game is a much appreciated feature and it is in particular to pay tribute to the developers who imagined all the Genshin Impact recipes that a player, and also a user of TikTok, decided to reproduce them in real life: in addition to a surprising result, the creations of the young woman have something to stimulate the appetite!

An overflowing culinary imagination!

The user, named Issagril on TikTok, made her contribution to the first anniversary edifice of Genshin Impact in a very special way. The young woman seems to have made a specialty of this type of exercise since she has already posted many videos of this kind in connection with the hit of MiHoYo, but also with a whole section of Japanese culture by through recipes from works such as Naruto, Dragon Ball or Demon Slayer.

Still, the user made himself known on the social network thanks to his reproductions of dishes taken from Genshin Impact and that the result is more than impressive, in addition to appearing excellent! In the extract in question, the user returns in video on the many recipes that she was able to reproduce during the first year of the game’s existence.

Almost all recipes are accompanied by their illustrations within Genshin Impact, which allows to appreciate the incredible resemblance between the dishes and their real versions and the culinary talent of the creator. This has gone so far as to revive the famous cake that the traveler receives on their birthday within the game.

In total there are more than thirty recipes that scroll in the space of about thirty seconds. If you feel like it, you can find almost each of them on Issagril’s profile. The link is available below, we can bet that all the content should put your taste buds in turmoil.

  • Sources : PCGamesN, TikTok

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