Genshin Impact: all the new features of 3.0

From the new region to characters to artifacts, here’s an overview of what’s new added to Genshin Impact with the 3.0 update.

Available since August 24, 2022, Genshin Impact update 3.0 was among the most anticipated of the title. doing almost extension office like what is done in World of Warcraft, it brings many new features, both in terms of history and in terms of secondary objectives.

Sumeru, a new area full of surprises

After Inazuma and its environment inspired by feudal Japan, the heroes can now hit the road towards Sumeru.

The giant tree seen in the Sumeru trailers

This new oscillating zone between jungle and oasis draws its inspiration from the eastern lands. If it seems quick to explore at first glance, the region is actually particularly vast. First of all, it includes many caves hidden underground. These caves are an opportunity to explore and gather resources.

Then, the giant tree and the different visible parts of Sumeru currently represent only a small part of the area. Update 3.1 and later will expand it furtherespecially via the desert area seen in teasers in the past.

Additionally, once the desert area is added, players will still have 31% of the area left to roam. Between its surface lands and underground areas, Sumeru officially becomes the largest of all areas in the world of Genshin Impact.

The grappling hook, a new tool for exploration

With this new area, exploration can resume for all adventurers looking for secrets, resources and side quests. And to make it easier to discover the area, a new mechanic makes its debut with 3.0: the grappling hook.

Usable when the character is hovering, the grappling hook allows you to quickly reach an area located at a long distance. However, the grappling hook is not usable everywhere.

Predefined areas marked in gold indicate where the player can throw his grappling hook and be pulled.

Several visual improvements and dungeons added

Still in terms of the environment and perception of the world, 3.0 was an opportunity for developers to change some visual effects. Looking up at the sky, you will see that the 3D model of Celestia has changed to look more like a group of clouds.

The region additions also include new enemies but also new dungeons. In total, there are 7 new ones to browse:

  • pride tower
  • tower of ignorance
  • Enlightenment Tower
  • valley of darkness
  • Sun and rain coordinates
  • Umbrella shadow
  • fragment of childhood

And to brave the difficulties of these new dungeons, players can count on brand new weapons with amazing abilities, but also on new heroes.

Characters related to Genshin Impact 3.0

What would a Genshin Impact update be without its banners and new playable characters? The 3.0 is no exception to the rule and brings no less than 6 new characters. Unveiled hastily because of leaks, these new characters were offered as banners.

As usual in Genshin Impact, it is possible to get 4 and even 5 star rated characters.

Genshin Impact 3.0 Characters

With 3.0, 3 new characters have been unlocked. We first find Dori, a small, pink-haired merchant wielding a claymore and using the Electro element. But the real character novelties are Collei and Tighnari.

If the first is 4 stars and the second 5 stars, it is especially the first two related characters to the new element of the game: the Dendro.

The Dendro element, major novelty of this update

This is one of the most anticipated and appreciated features of the 3.0 update: the Dendro element. Allowing to offer new elemental reactions, the Dendro element will also shake up the design of the teams because this element is very practical.

The Dendro element in Genshin Impact

plant element, however, it is not compatible with all other elements when it comes to reactions. It is possible to associate it with the elements Pyro, Hydro and Electro.

As with other elements, the higher the character’s level and mastery, the greater the damage.

But the Dendro element brings other bonuses. In effect, if you have two Dendro characters in your team, the elemental mastery of all team members will be increased by 50 points. Enough to make players want to try new team combinations.

The little extras designed to delight or facilitate the progress of players

The release of 3.0 was marked by other events and novelties designed to facilitate the game experience for players. First of all, no less than 3 different events were organized between the launch of 3.0 and the arrival of patch 3.1.

During these events, players who participated had the opportunity to obtain fairies and medals.

The update also marks the rollout of tools that are supposed to make harvesting actions easier for players. This is equally true for lovers of fishing, cooking (and more particularly food processing) or even wood harvesting.

New features announced that go beyond video games

If the visual and playable novelties already bring something to satisfy the players, the news does not stop there.

The patch 3.0 presentation trailers were also an opportunity to present miHoYo’s future project: adapt Genshin Impact into an anime. The production of this new series will be entrusted to ufoTable, the studio behind the animated adaptation of Demon Slayer.

But as stated in the title of the presentation trailer, this is a long-term project. The Genshin Impact anime should therefore not arrive on our screens in 2023, but it is indeed in the works.

However, 3.0 and its subsequent updates offer enough content to keep players entertained for long hours. So discover without delay Sumeru and its mysteries!