Genshin Impact goes over to card duels with its new game mode: this is Invocation of the Wise – Genshin Impact – 3dgames

Just a few days ago, the players of Genshin Impact could enjoy all the content that was introduced in the free rpg with version 3.2. This includes new features such as new characters, a new boss, and a story arc that ends the Quest for the Archon in Sumeru. Nevertheless, hoyoverse continues to work on expanding his game with all sorts of options, and that brings us to the announcement of a card-based game mode.

“Summoning of the Sages is a simple and casual game mode mainly PvE, in which all cards can be acquired through the game” (HoYoverse)

Although the existence of this minigame in the Genshin Impact universe had already been dropped, as well as its subsequent introduction in the version 3.3, it is now that the HoYoverse team has decided to detail some of its features through its official Twitter account: “A new permanent game mode will soon be available in Genshin Impact. Travelers will be able invite different characters and NPCs from the game to challenge them to a duel, or they can also have fun inviting your friends”.

Invocation of the Wise It is a simple and casual game mode mainly PvE, in which all the cards can be acquired through the game, and without including any reward design linked to the PvP mode”, concludes the HoYoverse message on social networks. In this way, we find ourselves before a modality similar to GWENTthe card game located in the universe of The Witcher, in terms of the use of cards and the possibility of playing some games with some characters from the installment.

The future of Genshin Impact goes beyond video games

Beyond this little news that will not surprise those who follow all the Genshin Impact news, it should be noted that HoYoverse has finally responded to one of the most recurring requests from its community regarding creating an anime. And, although we still do not have details about this project, we already know that it will feature the animators of the series Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer).

As for the novelties of the RPG, from HoYoverse they are willing to continue expanding the content of the game without touching the endgamesince it seems that introducing surprises in this section can generate a “excessive anxiety” on the players.