Genshin Impact will have an anime-style series together with ufotable, the study that animated Demon Slayer – Geek Culture

As part of the franchise expansion Genshin ImpactHoyoverse announced the intention to produce a anime of the video game.

It’s official! holeverse confirmed in Tokyo Game Show that his popular video game, Genshin Impactwill have an adaptation in the form of a series and will be animated with a style anime. In addition, the work will be carried out by the animation studio ufotablerecognized for their work with demon slayer originally known as Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Along with the novelty holeverse gave us a conceptual preview where they show us a little of what we will see: a wide color palette, fluid movements and impressive graphic quality. In turn, it seems that the events of the plot would take place in the lands of Mondstadtthe first region that had Genshin Impact.

For its part, the alliance between ufotable and the owners of the Chinese franchise assure that it is “long term project, so we could see several scenarios based on the plot of the game. Recently Genshin Impact received all the content of your big update 3.0 where we had the inclusion of a new area of ​​the playable map, sumerua fact that sets the standard for the number of stories with which ufotable can produce the anime.

One of the images that most caught the attention of the fans was to have seen the Traveling twins holding hands. Those who enjoyed Genshin Impact they know that the story mode of the game makes you choose between Aether and Lumineas if they were rivals. However, seeing them together through the trailerthis opens the door to the possibility of seeing a prequel to your link.

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For now, holeverse did not reveal more details about the anime of your franchise, beyond the word of your boss marketingwhich declared:We are hopeful that you will be able to experience the projected animation as soon as possible.”

Genshin Impact it is a multiplatform game gratuitous that can be enjoyed through consoles such as PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5services like GeForce Nowthrough cell phones with operating system Android and iOS and finally via Windows PC. What do you think about the trailer of announcement of anime? What do you think the initial plot will be about?