German Artist Reveals Her Best Version Of Demon Slayer’s Mitsuri Kanroji

As you may have already noticed, we love to show you different styles of cosplaythat is why this time we will show you an incredible tattoo, which we believe will be to your liking, that is why we are looking for new artists from the world of cosplay day by day, so that you can enjoy as much variety as possible, and thus pass a good time enjoying your hobby.

On this occasion, we will talk to you about a girl who is not only dedicated to performing great versions of cosplay, but is even a professional dancer and singer, although despite that, it is likely that you have not yet heard of her, but Don’t worry, we’ll take care of that.

His name is sophialives in Berlin, Germany and usually goes to conventions where she performs great shows alluding to her cosplay, the girl, who also considers herself a gamer and is a big fan of Zeldayou can find it in his instagram official as @soffelswhere it has almost 10 thousand followersand a great series of photo sessions of all styles, which we think you might like.

She shows us her best version of Mitsuri Kanrojia girl who is one of the supporting characters in the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayerbut who has become popular for her original style, since she is a girl with very light skin and a curvaceous figure whose voluptuous gifts stand out, but the most remarkable thing is her pink hair with green tips and large light eyes.

Sophia, on this occasion, shows us two versions of this cosplay, where she lets us see all the beauty of her character, while taking care of each of the details that are part of this wonderful cosplay version, which makes it clear that the girl is all a professional in what she does, because the result of her work is very good.

We will continue to publish more attractive works of this and other cosplay artists, keep in touch, and if you like them, let us know, and please continue in eGamesNews.