Goblin Slayer T. 11 –Par Kumo Kagyu, Noboru Kannatuki & (…) –ActuaBD

On the snow-capped mountains where stands a fortress in which the goblins have taken up residence, the Goblin Slayer does not have many possibilities to face them. Especially since their head is a Paladin Goblin much more talented and intelligent than his congeners: like the mages who accompany our hero, he masters magic and counter-spells making most of the operations fruitless and unnecessary.

But we must act… and quickly! While scurrying into the valley, our troop of brave adventurers thinks about the most effective tactics before reaching the village. A last-ditch fight promises to be facing tougher rivals than usual. But the Goblin-Crunch knows his stuff: smart or not, the goblins remain his sworn enemies and victory, as unlikely as it is, will be forthcoming.

Thus ends a first arc followed by a new one in stride. At the guild, our hero’s troop is forced to see that a new year is beginning, and with it a horde of new adventurers ready to do battle. Among them, a taciturn and angry young man who wants to learn everything about the only warrior to face goblins. What to glimpse a new perception of goblin hunting.

In addition, Orcbolg decides that, for the sake of the young magician who has accompanied her since the beginning of her adventures, she will have to lead the next expedition against the goblins as a troop leader and with a team of beginners including this newcomer. rather nasty.

Thereby Kumo Kagyu and Kousuke Kurose brilliantly continue the adventures of Crève-Gobelins to coincide with the end of the 6th novel, promising new adventures and new protagonists for the sequel…

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