Guardians of Cloudia Codes (May 2022)

Guardians of Cloudia is a massively multiplayer online game with action role-playing elements. It’s a mobile game (Android and iOS), but with some tweaks, you can play it on PC as well. As in any RPG, you can choose the class of your hero that best suits your style. GoC has everything you would expect from an action adventure, from PvE and PvP battles to questing, pet breeding and even marriage!

In this game you will have your share of work, but luckily there are Guardians of Cloudia codes to help you out. Most of the rewards consist of Sacred Windbells (for summoning pets), Silverleaves, and Goldleaves (in-game currencies).

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List of all Guardians of Cloudia codes

Updated May 17

Added new codes

Guardians of Cloudia Codes

Here you can find all working codes for Guardians of Cloudia.

  • GOCM2022M—Redeem for Exclusive Rewards
  • GOC777—Redeem for Sacred Windbell x10, 100,000 Goldleaf and 100,000 Silverleaf
  • GOC888 – Redeem for exclusive rewards such as 10 Azure Crystals, 100k Silverleaf and 100k Goldleaf
  • GROWUP22—Redeem for Sacred Windbell x5, Diamond x200, and Outfit Voucher x5
  • MAKEAWISH—Redeem for Sacred Windbell x10 and Christmas Blessing Theme Title
  • GOC999 – Redeem for exclusive rewards such as the Treasure Map, 100k Silverleaf and 100k Goldleaf
  • WORLDGOC—Redeem for Exclusive Rewards
  • PUMPKIN21 – Redeem for Outfit Voucher x5, Windbell x5, Goldleaf x100k, and Silverleaf x100k
  • RUNRUNRUN—Redeem for Chicken Support Ticket x5, Windbell x5, Goldleaf x100k, and Silverleaf x100

Guardians of Cloudia Codes (Expired)

These Guardians of Cloudia codes no longer work.

  • FORCE—Redeem for exclusive rewards
  • SAILOR – Redeem for Treasure Map x5, Windbell x2, Goldleaf x200k, and Silverleaf x200k
  • PAIR—Redeem for exclusive rewards
  • RUNEPOW—Redeem for exclusive rewards
  • MODE—Redeem for exclusive rewards
  • CAMPFIRE—Redeem for exclusive rewards
  • GONGXINI—Redeem for Exclusive Rewards
  • COMPASS22—Redeem for exclusive rewards
  • GOCFMD – Redeem for Sacred Windbell x3, Goldleaf x180k and Silverleaf x180k
  • GOCHOT22—Redeem for Exclusive Rewards
  • GOCFIX—Redeem for Exclusive Rewards
  • VLTEDLOVE – Redeem for Bouquet of Roses x5, Diamond x100, Outfit Voucher x2 and Gold Leaf x88888
  • VIP666—Redeem for Exclusive Rewards
  • GCNGOC201 – Redeem for Sacred Windbell x1, Bound Diamond x100, Goldleaf x88888, Pet EXP x88888, and Mystery Chest x2

How to Redeem Guardians of Cloudia Codes

It is not that difficult to claim rewards in Guardians of Cloudia. You can activate the codes in a few simple steps.

Guardians of Cloudia CodesScreenshot by Pro Game Guides

  • Once logged into the game, tap the Perks button in the upper right corner (near the map screen).
  • Click on the “Redeem Codes” option (third option on the left sidebar)
  • In the “Press to enter a redemption code” field, enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above.
  • Press the “Redeem” button to submit the code and claim your rewards!
  • How to get more Guardians of Cloudia codes?

    The best place to keep track of GoC codes is this page, so be sure to bookmark it for future visits. You can also follow the official Guardians of Cloudia Facebook page, Twitter or Discord.

    Why aren’t my Guardians of Cloudia codes working?

    To use the codes, you must complete the tutorial and reach level 25 with your character. Don’t worry, you’ll get there quickly. If some codes don’t work, check if you entered them correctly. To avoid typos, just copy and paste the codes (if playing on PC). If the codes still don’t work, they may have expired. So claim your rewards ASAP!

    What is Guardians of Cloudia?

    Guardians of Cloudia is a Neocraft MMORPG created for mobile devices (although you can easily play it on a PC). In GoC, you can choose between classes:

    • Oracle—support character
    • Archer – range character
    • Mage – character from the last canon
    • Rogue – lineup character
    • Swordsman – tank character

    Apart from fighting, the main focus of the game is the development of pets as they can be fierce fighters and support characters. So get ready for an open-world adventure with rich storytelling and world-building using codes from the Guardians of Cloudia.

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