Halloween costumes in Tampico: prices, the most requested and where to get them

Do you already have the outfit ready for this Halloween? Here we have the list of the best selling costumes this 2022 and how much will the outfit cost you for Halloween this October 31 in Tampico.

Prepare your portfolio because investing in a good costume can cost more than a thousand pesos, whether you want to shine or really freak out at the Halloween party this year.

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What is the best seller in costume stores?

Just take a tour of the downtown area of ​​Tampico and observe that these pieces already abound in the sideboards.

“The best-selling costume is that of Dr. de la Peste, which is already sold out and we are waiting for a new shipment, it cost 900 pesos, with the hat, mask and tunic”, commented Mayra Soto, from the cartoons costume shop, located on Héroes de Cañonero street in the downtown area of ​​Tampico, a few steps from the new markets.

Also “Morticia Addams and Merlina are getting a lot for the series on Netflix, as well as Nezuko for the Demon Slayer series.”

There are costumes for children, adults and even babies: since little Red Riding Hood, a cute little devil or that of the late queen of Tex-Mex: Selena. Another best seller is the one from the movie screamboth for children and adults.

Classic costumes that never go out of style

Among the classics is the killer from halloween moviethey also look for the Plants versus Zombies, besides that of It, Freddy Krueger, Toy Story characters Y Spiderman. For girls: Harley Quinn, Merlina and Tiffany, Chucky’s bride.

One of the costumes that remains classic for children It’s Harry Potter’s He commented that in his store they also sell accessories to complement them. “Many times customers look for an option, only some already have in mind the costume they want and come to complement it.”

How much does a costume cost? From the cheapest to the most expensive

The most expensive costumes are from by Ronald McDonald, It is sold for a thousand pesos, and some of superheroes that are around 950 pesos, “because some come in Colombian lycra”he explained.

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“You can find complete costumes from 190 pesos, or in 650 pesos a tunic with the mask of La Peste in children”, referred to the cheapest options.

Other options to buy the costume It is in self-service stores where prices are 493 pesos in sizes for four years up to 14 years, in options such as skulls, witch, pirate and vampires.

The Shop Lupita News They sell adult costumes like:

  • The one with the Clown That in 1,350 pesos
  • Chucky’s with a shirt and overalls for 1,110 pesos
  • The one with the Squid Game at 798 pesos for children
  • Freddy Krueger’s at 595 pesos

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If you still haven’t decided what you’re going to dress up as, you already know how much you have to spend to this Halloween night, to get an outfit in Tampico that will be the sensation of the party.