Hane_Ame makes us fall in love with her own cosplay version of Daki from Demon Slayer

The cosplay community has a great affection for many of the most popular anime and manga series of the moment, and Demon Slayer plays a very important role in this with a large number of amazing cosplays dedicated to their favorite characters, which is why today it becomes the chosen theme.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that many cosplay models from around the world have started to characterize themselves as anime characters, to the extent that today we will see a cosplay dedicated to the female character of Daki, in a truly daring version. .

This amazing cosplay was made by the cosplayer model, Hane_Ame, also known as haneame_cos on her official Instagram account, where she has shown us striking images in which she puts herself in the skin of this character in a version that will leave more than one fan. anime with open mouth.

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Daki being one of the Twelve Demon Moons, she had power and abilities that were beyond the abilities of an average demon. She possessing regeneration and strength superior to that of the rest of her progeny and being considered by Muzan Kibutsuji as “someone special”.

This popularity in Demon Slayer has made it one of the most successful choices for cosplayers and Hane_Ame is a clear example of how it can be reinterpreted in the flesh. Her outfit and her makeup go hand in hand with the original version, so we can see that Hane_Ame paid great attention to detail.

Both the costumes and the setting that we are presented with in this cosplay are carefully designed to represent the atmosphere that we can see in the popular anime. Daki was a tall woman with pale white skin. She wore a rather revealing two-piece kimono consisting of magenta-pink panties tied by long black bows on her sides and with two pieces of magenta fabric covering her bust.