Hashira’s Top 10 Things

The Hashira are the nine strongest demon slayers of their generations. Each Hashira has a unique breathing style and different techniques associated with it. They are the highest ranking members of the Demon Slayer Corps. These nine people are the soul of the Body. They are charged with handling the most dangerous situations that no one else in the organization can.

Although only a few of the elusive Hashira have made notable appearances in demon slayer, fans are already fascinated by his eccentric nature and abilities. In the end, almost all of the Hashira work with Tanjiro and the gang later in the series.

10 The Number Nine Is Significant

For the Hashira, the number nine is significant. There are nine members in each generation; this number was strategically chosen by Gotouge. In Japanese, the word “Hashira”, which means “pillar” in English, has nine strokes. In Japanese, the word is spelled ” 柱” and it takes precisely nine strokes of the pen to write it.

Coincidentally, the number nine symbolizes the pinnacle of knowledge, experience, and wisdom in numerology. Since the Hashira represent the nine strongest members of the entire Demon Slayer Corps, it’s an interesting coincidence that the number nine could hold so much significance to the story.

9 The Hashira Have The Most Interesting Appearances In The Organization1646733211 675 Hashiras Top 10 Things.webp

Although Koyoharu Gotouge is an expert in character design, it seems that he put extra effort into expanding the appearances of each Hashira. Just as each Hashira has a unique personality that sets him apart from the rest, the same goes for his appearance. The Hashira’s appearance reflects both their abilities and their personality.

Rengoku, for example, comes from a lineage of Hashira of the Flame. Each member of the family has hair that resembles a lion’s mane in the fiery colors of yellow and red. Obanai’s appearance reflects his abilities; his mouth was cut from the corners down to his ears to resemble a snake—however, he keeps this wound hidden under the large bandage that covers his face. He also wears his white snake around his neck.

8 Every Hashira Is Eccentric And Unique1646733212 56 Hashiras Top 10 Things.webp

Since there are nine members of the Hashira, it is expected that there will be unique personalities. However, the Hashira are known for the uniqueness of each of them. They all have personality quirks that set them apart from the rest.

For example, Tengen Uzui is known for his flamboyance and because he needs everything to be “flashy”, like him. Kyojuro Rengoku is remembered for his bombastic and excitable character. Muichiro Tokito is recognizable by his forgetfulness and ultimate impassiveness of him, traits suitable for the Hashira of the Mist.

7 Only the best can become a Hashira1646733212 939 Hashiras Top 10 Things.webp

Demon slayers must prove that they are the strongest if they dream of becoming a Hashira. There are only two ways to become a Hashira. One of the methods involves killing at least 50 demons, or killing a member of Muzan’s Twelve Kizuki when Kinoe’s rank is reached. Of course, the other method is to be a Tsugoku. Contrary to popular belief, being a Tsugoku is not just about having good connections.

In order for a Hashira to consider someone his Tsugoku, he must demonstrate his strength and skills as a demon hunter. Someone can become Tsugoku if they are wanted by one of the current Demon Slayers or if he requests it. Both methods require prolonged training, from 2 to 5 years.

6 They Are Responsible For Finding A Tsugoku1646733212 875 Hashiras Top 10 Things.webp

Many of the strongest shonen heroes don’t think about the reality that they won’t be around forever. The Hashira, however, accept this fact and look for a worthy Tsugoku to take his place. The Tsugoku will take over as the new Hashira if the serving one becomes incapacitated or retires.

Although Demon Slayers can also apply to be a Tsugoku, many Hashira choose to pursue them independently. The Hashiras are responsible for carrying on the legacy through the generations, so they want to make sure whoever they choose as their successor takes the cause just as seriously.

5 Each Hashira Has Unique Abilities1646733213 533 Hashiras Top 10 Things.webp

Each of the nine Hashira has a distinctive Breathing Style, each with a respective set of swordsmanship techniques to put it into practice. The only two types of breathing styles found in each Hashira era are Flame Breathing and Water Breathing. However, this opens the door to multiple unique breathing styles between generations.

The Hashira of the Flame for the current generation was Rengoku. The Hashira of Water for the current generation is Giyu Tomioka. However, some breathing styles can seem unconventional. For example, Shinobu Kocho uses Insect Breath to inject an opponent with a deadly poison. Obanai Iguro, meanwhile, practices Serpent Breathing. He can manipulate his sword to slither like a snake.

4 They have never faltered in their functions over several generations1646733213 502 Hashiras Top 10 Things.webp

The Hashira are the nine strongest demon slayers of their respective generations. They have been fighting Muzan Kibutsuji and his Twelve Kizuki for years. Throughout the generations, the determination of the Hashira has never wavered. Each Hashira is dedicated to the responsibilities that come with their role.

The role of the Hashira is further cemented by implementing the training of the Hashira they lead for lower ranked Demon Hunters. The Hashira not only work for the benefit of the nine members, but serve as a pillar of discipline and strength for the entire generation.

3 The Hashira Are Not All Equally Strong1646733213 983 Hashiras Top 10 Things.webp

It would have been an easy way out if Gotouge wrote all the Hashira to be as strong as the previous one. However, this would be unrealistic. The Hashira understand the hierarchy among the nine regarding who is weaker or stronger. Although there is no official classification, there are certainly implications on the position of each one. From the official published statistics, a few things can be estimated.

Tengen, Sanemi, Rengoku, and Himejima seem to be the strongest Hashira. This is based on your arm wrestling ranking and running speed. Meanwhile, Obanai, Mitsuri, Muichiro, and Shinobu seem to be the weakest. Of course, being weak among the Hashira still means that they are much stronger than the average Demon Slayer.

2 Every Hashira Leads By Example1646733213 303 Hashiras Top 10 Things.webp

Although all of the Hashira become mentors to Tanjiro and the rest of the gang at some point in demon slayerThey lead the entire organization by setting strong examples that everyone else can aspire to. As seen in the Hashira Training, these nine Hashira want to help the lower ranked Demon Slayers become stronger and lead by example.

Even when each Hashira personally advises Tanjiro and his friends, there is always an important lesson left for the younger demon slayers. For example, Rengoku’s last words to Tanjiro were encouraging. He told her to “set her heart on fire” and to never stop looking forward, because time will not stand still for him, nor will she grieve by his side.

1 They Realize Their Weaknesses1646733213 422 Hashiras Top 10 Things.webp

In shonen anime, it’s common for the strongest characters to appear to have no weaknesses, let alone acknowledge their own flaws. If they do, it resolves quickly and they instantly become stronger. Even if they have insane powers, they are still human after all.

The Hashira, however, are aware of their weaknesses. They have realistic expectations of what they can expect when facing a higher ranked demon. Even the leader, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, was shocked after Gyutaro and Daki’s defeat because they hadn’t killed any of higher rank in a century.