Here are the 8 best manga and anime games on Nintendo Switch

In recent years, the games based on popular manga and anime have been democratized. In addition to Dragon Ball, which still dominates the video game landscape, many franchises have invested in the medium. It must be said that their nature lends itself particularly well to it: epic confrontations, strong rivalries, combat techniques all crazier than the other…

Unsurprisingly, the very popular nintendo-switch hosts many games adapted from Japanese animation and/or comics. Here are the 8 best elements.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Yes, we admit it: in fact, Pokémon is above all a video game franchise. Started in 1996, the series immediately achieved a strong international reputation. However, his notoriety has also clearly exploded thanks to the trading card game and at the animated series. The goal? Become the best trainer, and catch all Pokémon (150 at the start).

For its first excursion on Nintendo Switch, the series borrows in an unprecedented way the way to the open world, a game mechanic awaited by all fans. The title takes place in the Sinnoh region, at a remote period in the universe when humans are just beginning to understand Pokémon. The aim of the game is to complete the very first Pokédexcatching creatures scattered across the open world.

This episode introduces evolutions for Cerfrousse, Bargantua and Qwilfish, as well as new forms for Pokémon like Voltorb and Caninos. In total, there are no less than 242 creatures to capture. A hearty programme, to be enjoyed both in portable mode and in TV mode.


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Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth Complete Edition

“Digimon / Little Monster / You’re the Champion!” If you grew up in the 2000s, this tune might be familiar to you. Competitor of Pokémon, the franchise has unfortunately not had the same success. The principle is however substantially the same: young children seize strange objects (digivices) which allow them to understand the universe of the digital world and its inhabitants, the Digimon — small creatures generally inspired by very real animals.

Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth Complete Edition actually combines two separate games — Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth and Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth Hacker’s Memory. It offers players to take control of a detective and a hacker, in order to capture and raise over 500 different Digimon. The title is played like a classic Pokémon, with turn-based battles and small puzzles to solve to advance in the story and digivolve your creatures.

With more than 100 hours of play on the clock, this compilation could well be one of the longest games to complete of the history of the medium.


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Dragon Ball Fighter Z

The cult licenseAkira Toriyama has delivered many memorable fighting games, first and foremost the Budokai and Budokai Tenkaichi. After several years without relief, the franchise marked by the rivalry between Goku and Vegeta is experiencing a marked resurgence thanks to Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Released in 2018, the VS fighting game is a love letter to fans.

We therefore find all the iconic characters of the saga, with their respective transformations and techniques. The fights are dynamic and the artistic direction is beautiful, with a rendered in cel shading which really does justice to the characters and environments. The 3 vs 3 fights bring a lot of fun, and we like to swing Kamehameha well placed. Very addictive, this title could well compete as the best fighting game on the Nintendo Switch.


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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Let’s stay in the Dragon Ball universe with a title of a completely different nature, since it is a action-RPG video game retracing the main events depicted in the manga and anime. The Saiyan attack, the trip to Namek, the Cell saga or even the Buu arc are all in the game – for our greatest pleasure, and with several playable characters, please.

Released in 2021 on Nintendo Switch, the title offers you to travel through a world that expands over time. RPG requires, progress is made by winning battlesbut also by indulging in a lot of secondary activities: carrying out quests, exploring, fishing, training… It is even possible to play mini-games such as karting and baseball!

Real game in game mode “Dragon Ball Card Warriors” allows the player to try his hand at a strategic card game. We advise you to try it, it’s quite addictive!


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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

Fan of the pirate universeEiichiro Oda ? Not to lie to you, the license really does not raise the crowds with regard to its video game adaptations. Released in 2020, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is a hack and slash which really allows let off steamin the purest tradition of the genre.

As much to tell you right away, the title is clearly aimed at fans of manga and anime. The plot therefore follows the main arcs of the story, with their key moments to relive. Complete, the game offers you not only play with Luffy and the whole Straw Hat crewbut also with many other characters.

The improvement of abilities and the different game modes offered make it possible to vary the gameplay after several hours of play. Without a shadow of a doubt, we are at the top of the basket of One Piece games.


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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Road to Boruto

If there is one manga that does better than One Piece, it’s Naruto. The work of Masashi Kishimoto certainly does not play in the same court as the games taken from Dragon Ball, they are doing better and better.

A link between the Great Ninja War, the last major arc of Naruto Shippuden, and the great beginnings of Borutothis VS fighting thus offers the best gameplay of the saga ninja storm. If there are no surprises in terms of the game system – there are one-on-one clashes with two support characters, taking place in three-round arenas – the title offers a range of blows and combos never seen before.

The character roster is absolutely gigantic, the environments are faithful to Kishimoto’s design, and the soundtrack is particularly catchy. A real success.


€42 on Amazon instead of €59.99

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles

Demon Slayer is a worthy part of the new “Big 3” from the manga, which dominates the Japanese comics market at present. No one will therefore be surprised to find the video game adaptation of the work of Koyoharu Gotouge in this list.

In this game released on Switch in June 2022, you play as Kamado Tanjiro in his relentless quest to give back to his sister Nezuko a human form. 16 other fighters are also present in the roster, to emotional arena battles and heart-pounding combos. Fun and accessible, the title offers visuals that are particularly faithful to the source material. A treat for manga fans!


€50.31 on Amazon instead of €59.99

Yu Gi Oh! Legacy of the Duelist – Link Evolution

Created by the late Kazuki Takahashimanga Yu Gi Oh! gave birth one of the most popular collectible card games in the world. The principle is simple: two opponents compete on a board by invoking the power of monsters, magic and traps contained in cards. Fascinating, the game mixes memory with strategy, because the games can last a long time. And with more than 9,000 cards available to compose your deck, in other words, the possibilities are almost endless.

Yu Gi Oh! Legacy of the Duelist – Link Evolution contains several modes, which will delight fans of Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba:

  • Campaign (story divided into 6 chapters, taking up the major arcs of the animated series)
  • Duelist Challenges (simple battles against powerful opponents)
  • Battle Pack (encounters made with a temporary deck)
  • Multiplayer (to face human duelists)


€35.32 on Amazon instead of €43.95

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