Here are the most underrated manga characters

Whether in relation to their intellectual abilitiesto values they defend or what they represent, some anime characters are not recognized at their fair value. Too often, this is due to a lack of power, lack of charisma, involvement in the manga’s overall storyline, or even a bad deepening of the character.

Which does not prevent them from being masterpieces however, even if they are rarely the ones who are highlighted in the story. So we took the opportunity to shed light on those who remain too often in the shadows or unfairly suffers from a lack of popularity among manga fans.

Characters relegated to the background, present in several anime which have nevertheless conquered the people of the whole world. They largely deserve this close-up, primarily because the narrative would probably never have grown so much without their intervention, and events could have taken a completely different turn if they had not been there.

Attack on Titan: The Gifted Armin

Held back by a sickly shyness, very fragile physically, a little naive on the edges, Armin does not have much to assert on paper. Except that, it’s his genius which propels him to the rank of key figure of SNK.

The finesse and ingenuity of his strategies as well as his reflective abilities are to be welcomed, in addition to his ability to remain calm and lucid even in the most uncomfortable, even desperate situations.

His speaking skills also make him a person capable of convincing the masses through the veracity, depth, spontaneity, but also more generally the intelligence of his speeches.

We can add to this the fact that in terms of trustas well as devotion, it is almost impossible to find better on the surface of the globe.

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Naruto: Iruka’s sickly benevolence

To begin with, it is essential to mention the fact that Iruka is neither more nor less than the naruto mentor. He is also the first to have believed in him, at a time when the receptacle of the fox demon was seen as an outcast by all the inhabitants of Konoha, who even went so far as to deny his existence.

He knows how to show unparalleled benevolence with regard to the students under his tutelage, while distilling teaching methods that allow them to progress constantly. This does not prevent him from being severe when necessary.

If the loss of his parents could have plunged him into total darkness, Iruka preferred to turn to the Ninja Academy in order to obtain the recognition of his congeners, with the ambition of never arousing pity among them as an orphan.

Finally, he places respect for established precepts, sense of sacrifice and altruism at the very top of the hierarchy of human values ​​that matters to him. What he will prove many times in the anime, by showing himself very protective of Naruto on the one hand, but also by showing unfailing support for the Third Hokage.

One punch man: modesty embodied by Mumen Rider

If many know him better under his pseudonym, Satoru of his usual name has the particularity of taking himself for a hero since childhood. What honors him the most is obviously his unfailing modestyhe who does not feel legitimate to pass rank B, despite the fact that he is the most powerful of the rank C heroes.

A behavior that perfectly reflects his personality largely turned towards empathyhe who never hesitates to help others, even when their problems seem secondary at first sight.

A natural goodness that Mumen Riden also uses to maintain close ties with many characters, because of her great sociability. Otherwise, we can add that this loved one constantly advocates justice and respect for the law, while being environmentally friendly, since he generally travels by bicycle.

Hunter x Hunter: a Leorio against prejudice

Appearances are often deceiving, and Leorio is the proof. If many perceive him as someone greedy, who is mainly interested in material wealth, it is rather this desire to bring his support for the poor in front of a doctor which characterizes it more.

Moreover, many tend to forget him, but he grew up in an extremely unfavorable context. Orphan, he was plagued by loneliness as well as a miserable existence for many years, before knowing a click following the death of his one and only friend Piedro.

Too much disappointment for Leorio who will have only one goal in mind after that: to raise a fairly substantial sum of money to pay for medical schooland thus, bring medical care to those who have very few resources.

A laudable decision, which provides much more cerebral depth to the character, but also thickness when one situates his actions taking into consideration the relentlessness that was his to pursue your ideal despite a troubled past.

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Demon Slayer: the unfailing devotion of Jigoro Kuwajima

If we have to sum up the personality of Jigoro in a few words, the ones that come to mind first and foremost are: dedicated, strict and deeply human. If it is a well-deserved retirement that should have awaited him, he for his part decided to act differently, by devoting himself to the training of his students. This is to prepare the next generation as well as possible.

A mentor with a considerable experience as a former stalwart, who possesses enormous compassion towards his students. Often, the latter is camouflaged by the old man behind a severe attitude, with the aim of making them progress relentlessly.

Behind this facade posture, we know that Jigoro has in fact a big heart and pays particular attention to maintaining a close relationship with those he almost considers his grandchildren.

The best illustration of this observation remains the patience which he demonstrates towards Zenitsu, helping him to surpass himself despite his defeatist temperament. It is he who pays his debts when the latter was ruined.

The tragic fate experienced by Jigoro after Kaigaku’s Betrayal further heightens the sense of empathy that Demon Slayer die-hards feel towards him.

Dragon Ball: Underrated as Krillin

Growing up in a monastery, Krillin probably hadn’t expected to experience so much misadventure. However, Son Goku’s loyal ally remains one of the characters that appears most often on screen throughout the anime, both in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT.

If this old monk of the temple of Orin is distinguished mainly by purely physical attributes such as its small size, the absence of a nose or its baldness, these human qualities are not left out.

Even if we first perceive him as someone jealous, even selfish at the beginning of the anime, very quickly, this feeling is swept away by the fact that he is the depiction of normality, precisely because of his humanity. Very often, it is up to him to make the viewer laugh with his humor.

Frequently considered weak, he is in fact an outstanding fighter, and most certainly the strongest warrior on earth. The bravery of 18’s husband is sometimes overshadowed by the fact that he seems at times to be fleeing the fight, but his power is realwhich he proves on many occasions.

Finally, Krillin has above-average reflective abilitieswhich, coupled with his permanent malice, allows him to develop extremely accurate reasoning.

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Jujutsu Kaisen: the charismatic exorcist Kento Nanami

Not at all the type to pour out his feelings, Kento Nanami is rather prone to stay in total control. A character who likes to be in the background and who only speaks after having carefully established the foundations of his reasoning.

Office worker after graduation, Nanami will then take the direction of a much less conventional profession, but much more adapted to his aptitudes. He then turns to exorcismwhich suits him much better given his talent in the exercise.

What is also striking is the meticulousness of his fighting techniquesbased on a comprehensive analysis of the opponent’s weaknesses.

By the way, those who want proof that the enthusiasm around Jujutsu Kaisen is not weakening, since the manga was the best-selling 2021.

One Piece: the fearsome Bartholomew Kuma

From the moment a human transforms into Cyborg, this usually does not bode well. It is however the case of Bartholomew Kuma who was one of the 7 Great Corsairs before the group disbanded.

It is not for nothing that it is nicknamed The tyrant, since this antagonist is a pirate with multiple vices, feared by all. Despite this ruthless reputation, Kuma is a surprisingly calm and reasoned characterwhich nevertheless remains impossible to intimidate.

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It only follows his own conception of justice, although he is forced to obey the World Government. It is only thanks to his immense subtlety that Bartholomew Kuma managed to deceive this political organization as to his intentions, he who ultimately wants to be a revolutionary at heart.

Even if it has lost some of its charm since its transformation into Pacifistahe who now only operates a simple distinction between the allies and the enemies of this same World Government.

One Piece followers will have plenty of time to think about the mystery that surrounds Kuma anyway, since Eiichirō Oda has just announced a hiatus from June 27 to July 25…