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After a couple of months where the anime of Demon Slayer was commissioned to recapitulate the events of Mugen Train, the movie that captivated the world, this adaptation has finally started with the arc of the Entertainment District. Thus, this season’s opening is now available.

The episode that was shared yesterday through Crunchyroll and Funimation lasted one hour, where one arc was completely closed and another was given rise. Thus, At the end of this long episode, the new opening of the season was shared. The video introduces us to the theme of “Zankyou Zanka (残 響 散 歌) #, which is performed by Aimer.

As you could see, this sequence not only gives us a better look at some of the elements that we will see in a better way in the coming weeks, but also also gives us a look at Tengen Uzui’s past, something that had only been mentioned in the manga, but it seems that here it will be shown in a great way.

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Editor’s Note:

The long wait is finally over. Once again, Ufotable has shown all its great splendor as an animation studio. The first episode of the new arc is packed with quality and is a great adaptation of just a couple of chapters of the manga. Without a doubt, this will be a great season.

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Here is the new opening of the Demon Slayer anime

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