Here it all begins (spoilers): the early summary of episode 271 of Monday, November 15

Monday November 15 in Here it all begins, who has just recruited Michel Sarran and go welcome a star of Plus belle la vie… Brassac announces to Clotilde and Antoine that he does not rule out the criminal track in simony’s death (played by Xavier Lafitte). This one indeed had marks on his arms. The policeman questions the teacher and the CPE on the relations of the deceased at the institute … Antoine tells him that Simony had attacked Celia. Clotilde admits that she is also one of her victims.

Brassac takes his deposition. He finds it strange that Clotilde reacted so calmly to the announcement of the arrival of her attacker at the Institute. Wasn’t she afraid he would attack her students? She assures him not to have imagined that he would do it again in her presence. She claims to have been upset on learning Simony’s attitude, not to mourn the death of this pervert, but denies having pushed him down the stairs.

Learning that Brassac is going to question Célia, Jérémy wants to denounce himself. He has the support of Antoine and Rose, who think that he must take his share of responsibility in the death of Simony at the risk of making guilty all his life. But Clotilde, who refuses to see him go to prison, begs him to do nothing. But when Celia tells him about his fear of being accused, he confesses everything to her.

For her part, Deva worries about having her status discovered. Clotilde reassures her. Its secret is well kept. Olivia (Is Virginie Caliari also vegan?), for her part, accuses her colleague (…)

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