Here’s everything you need to know about Demon Slayer, a fantastic manga that will probably please you

Several manga are adapted each year in feature film or in series, and are subsequently broadcast in cinemas, or are available on the various online streaming platforms. Several mangas that later became anime are watched millions of times a day around the world. It exists a large community of people these days who don’t watch only anime, and read manga. If you too are part of this group, and you don’t know what to watch next, Demon Slayer is a fantastic manga not to be missed!

All about the main character of Demon Slayer

manga Demon Slayer is a manga with a story quite particular and different from other anime. Written by Koyoharu Gotge, here’s everything you need to know about the manga’s protagonist.

Its history and character

The main character of Demon Slayer is called Tanjiro, and he is the eldest of a large family. He has siblings and Tanjiro is in charge of looking after them, as their father is died of an illness. His family was killed by an evil demon called Muzan Kibutsuji while he was out looking for coal, only his sister survived, but she was turned into a demon. He then made her a promise to quickly find a solution so that she regains her normal human physical appearance.

Tanjiro is a demon hunter and he is always accompanied of three people :

  • Zenitsu Agatsuma
  • Inosuke Hashibira
  • And his sister Nezuko Kamado

Tanjiro is a very generous and very brave person. He is not afraid to fight demons with his katana, to help his sister regain her human form.

His powers

Tanjiro is very clever and has superpowers. He can increase his breathing and can even do this while sleeping. He is very strong in fights thanks to this, as he can manage his breath to have more power. Among Tanjiro’s other powers are:

  • A sense of smell very pronounced: in addition to having good breathing, Tanjiro has a very acute sense of smell. He manages to sense the demons, even if they are far away. He can sense all traps, even during combat, or when busy with something else.
  • Hinokami Kagura: often called fire danceit’s a very technical fighting move that Tanjiro uses to fight the great demons. It was taught to him by his father from an early age.

Demon Slayer, is also an anime

The manga has been a huge success over the years, to the delight of manga fans it is now available in anime version and also in film. From home or in the cinema, Demon Slayer is available without further delay in anime.

From manga to feature film

In view of big success manga, Demon Slayer is also now available in anime for people who prefer to rlook at pictures instead of reading. Much loved by young people, Demon Slayer is causing a sensation on streaming sites and has accumulated millions of views around the world. After its release, more than 24 million people place the anime in the list of favorite anime young people and adolescents. Demon Slayer is also part of the list of Shonen and dark fantasy anime.

Exceptional scenes

In the feature film dedicated to the manga, amazing scenes are made for the greatest pleasure of anime addicts. Endowed with crazy graphics, the film connects several fight scenes some of which are very violent. These are typical scenes in Japanese culture, but in France these can be shocking. The demons are very spectacular and even scare some people.

Demon Slayer exists in film and also in series of several episodes, for people who like anime. You can easily find them on different platforms, especially Netflix.