Hilarious cosplay honors Demon Slayer’s latest episode

Demon Slayer Season 2 is underway. Our heroes accompany the Hashira of Son Tengen Uzui on an infiltration mission. Having heard of the disappearance of several people in the district of Yoshiwara, the Hashira of Sound goes there. To go unnoticed in a neighborhood of women, our heroes will have to wear a special disguise.


A dangerous new mission for the Slayers

In the last episode of Demon Slayer, our three friends are at the service of the flamboyant Hashira of sound, Tengen Uzui. The latter announces to them that they will accompany him on his mission to find his two wives. They ceased to correspond with him, while they were spying on his behalf. Very worried about their silence, he will request the assistance of Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu to carry out this mission.

But for the Hashira, this mission is not just a mission to find his lost women. He suspects indeed, the presence of demons in the district of the courtesans. According to him, a dangerous Upper Moon would be lurking in the shadows, if not more than was the Moon that Rengoku fought. Once in Yoshiwara district, the Hashira will therefore order the boys to do everything to go unnoticed.

Quilts and makeup

In order not to raise the slightest suspicion when you are surrounded by women, it would be best to disguise yourself as one of them. Even if the three companions were not enthusiastic to do it (especially Inosuke), they will resign themselves to it and play the game. They will be draped in kimonos, will have quilts and put on makeup. Their mission will also lead them to change their first names: Tanjiro will become Sumiko, Inosuke will be Inoko, and Zenitsu will take the name of Zenko.

Sumiko, Inoko, and Zenko will be separated into three courtesan houses to investigate each on their own. Their coverage will not only allow them to receive compliments on their beauty, but also to collect information. Sumiko and Inoko have found some leads on the women of Tengen. This mission, which seemed easy, seems to be the most dangerous of the anime.

Our three companions have no other choice but to hasten to discover the threat lurking under the makeup of the concubines around them. The further we advance in the anime, the more our heroes face increasingly threatening demons. Find the cosplay on Ikki & Nana’s Instagram account. He is accompanied by cosplayers Setsu and Fox Planet.