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Demon Slayer stole the hearts of many fans when it premiered in 2019. So when season 2 ended in February 2022, many fans are dying to know what happened to Tanjirō, Nezuko, Zenitsu and Inosuke.

Many fans including myself skipped to the chapter where the anime season 2 left off. But some fans stay away from the manga. They started as an anime only and are determined to see the series end in the anime format.

Now, the big question these excited fans have in mind is, “How many more seasons will the TV anime feature?”

Without further ado, let me shed some light on how many TV seasons the series can have.

This page contains Demon Slayer spoilers.

How many more TV anime seasons will Demon Slayer have?

Three more TV anime seasons could adapt the remaining 106 chapters of the manga series (taking into account the Swordsmith Village arc which will be adapted in Season 3).

Disregarding film adaptations of the remaining arcs, ufotable Studio can do this by choosing 2 options:

1. Option 1:

The Swordsmith Village arc is short, so it could only be 11 episodes.

If ufotable is willing to bet on a 2-course TV adaptation of the series, season 4 is the best way to do it: the Hashira training arc and the Infinity Castle arc would be bundled into 23 episodes (maximum).

Blacksmiths Village Arch | Source: Fandom

And since season 5 will conclude the series, it will probably only have 10 episodes. It’s just the right length to end the series. It won’t take viewers too long.

If Demon Slayer Season 5 turns out to be a 1 course adaptation, then ufotable would emulate MAPPA because the 2n/a cour of Attack on Titan: The Final Season airs only 11 episodes (a 1 cour adaptation).

2. Option 2:

  • Blacksmiths Village Arc + Hashira Training Arc (S3/16 eps)
  • Infinity Castle arc (S4 / 18 eps)
  • Sunrise Countdown Arc (S5/10 eps)

The second option that Ufotable could follow is to adapt the Blacksmiths’ Village Arch and Hashira’s Training Arch in 16 episodes. Many fans reiterate that these arcs are so short that ufotable could combine them into 16 episodes.

How many more TV anime seasons will Demon Slayer have?

Blacksmiths’ Village Bow and Hashira Training Bow | Source: Fandom

Sixteen episodes is an odd number, but MAPPA aired 1st Courtyard of Attack on Titan in 16 episodes.

We know that MAPPA and ufotable stand on different footings when it comes to the god-level animations they feature in beloved franchises. But if MAPPA could do that, why can’t ufotable also stream 16 episodes of 2 short Demon Slayer arcs?

If ufotable goes this route, then a maximum of 18 episodes could be made for the Infinity Castle Arc. And like Option 2, that leaves a maximum of 10 episodes for the Sunrise Countdown Arc, the series finale.

Additionally, if the animation studio is considering a film adaptation, options 3 and 4 could be:

3. Option 3:

  • Blacksmiths Village Arch (S3 / 11 eps)
  • Hashira Training Arc + Infinity Castle Arc (S4/23 eps)
  • Sunrise Countdown Arc (a 2-hour film adaptation instead of a Season 5 TV anime series)
How many more TV anime seasons will Demon Slayer have?

Sunrise Countdown Arc | Source: Fandom

I think a 2 hour film for the Sunrise Countdown Arc is doable. Not only would this be profitable for ufotable; it could boost the Demon Slayer franchise for decades!

4. Option 4:

  • Swordsmith Village Arc (S3 Part 1 or Court 1 / 11 eps)
  • Hashira Training Arc (S3 Part 2 or Court 2 / 5 eps)
  • Infinity Castle Arc (a 2.5 hour movie)
  • Sunrise Countdown Arc (S5/10 eps)

On the other hand, ufotable could also break season 3 into two courses in which 11 episodes would be dedicated to the Swordsmith Village arc and 5 episodes to the Hashira training arc (but this is unlikely).

How many more TV anime seasons will Demon Slayer have?

Infinity Castle Arc | Source: Fandom

If this is the route that ufotable would take, it could potentially adapt the Infinity Castle Arc to a 2.5-hour movie, leaving 10 TV anime episodes for the final season: Sunrise Countdown Bow.

No matter how many seasons of TV anime or movies ufotable has made for Demon Slayer, one thing is for sure: this franchise will stay in the hearts and minds of viewers young and old, generation after generation.

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