How Tanjuro Kamado mastered the Fire Dance in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba is one of the series anime Y sleeve What has surprised us the most in recent years is that its story and its characters have won the love of fans by leaps and bounds, which is why many of them want to know more about what surrounds their favorite characters.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that it has managed to be among the most watched and interesting series of the moment, since its interesting plot makes it have a brutal reception among fans around the world. Likewise, during the development of the series it has been observed as Tanjiro little by little he has been able to use more effectively the hinokami kagurathe technique he learned just by watching his father dance.

Tanjuro Kamado He had a minimal participation in the series, since he died from an illness, so obviously there is not much information about him, nor is it known how he dominated the Dance of the Fire God. However, there is a theory that could explain how Tanjuro Kamado managed to master the Dance of the Fire God.

It is known that the story revolves around Tanjiro, a young man with a kind attitude who becomes a demon hunter, after his family was killed and his sister transformed into one of these beings by Muzan Kibutsujithe King of Demons.

During the development of this story, it can be seen that Tanjiro has inherited the will of fire, little by little mastering the Hinokami Kagura, an ability that he uses in extreme situations to face incredibly strong enemies. Tanjiro learned the movements of this breathing by watching his father perform this dance in honor of the God of Fire, since annually the father of this demon hunter performed this ceremony to pay tribute to this divinity.

Little is known about the father of this demon hunter, since he died of an illness, so there is no knowledge of how he managed to master the Dance of the God of Fire, and the power that he had. However, there is a theory that has been gaining strength and has to do with reincarnation, since it is said that Tanjuro Kamado is the reincarnation of Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

This fan speculation could be right, since the theme of reincarnation in Kimetsu No Yaiba is something common, since the treatment that has been given to this work tends to treat this aspect with total normality. Also, this hypothesis could have some truth, since Tanjuro Kamado’s features and personality were identical to those of Yoriichi Tsugikini, since both were kind, relaxed and with immense kindness.