Hunting Bargains Mexico: ‘Demon Slayer’ game, ‘Mi Pobre Angelito’ in 4K, Sony wireless headphones and ‘Ghostbusters’ products

We continue with our weekly list of discounts in different stores and we remind you that during these weeks we will also be sharing toys and collectibles for now that the dates of the exchanges and Christmas gifts are approaching.

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Amazon Mexico

Some of these Amazon Mexico items may cost less than 499 pesos or are imported from the United States, so not to pay shipping and have deliveries the next day For domestic shipments, we recommend trying the Amazon Prime service for a month free of charge.

Technology, Sony headphones and a Samsung 4K screen

Hearing aids on sale at Amazon Mexico

Once again we can find the headphones Skullcandy Sesh on offer. These in our country have an official price of 1,599 pesos, but on Amazon they are available in black for 582 pesos

Huawei Watch GT 2 - Negro

Huawei Watch GT 2 – Negro

  • Echo Dot third generation – Black – 499 pesos
  • Echo Show 5 second generation – Black / White / Blue – 1,199 pesos
  • Amazon Kindle with tenth generation front light – Black / White – 1,349 pesos
  • Mouse Razer Mamba Elite – 844 pesos
  • Logitech MK220 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – 307 pesos

Sonos Roam Wireless Speaker

Sonos Roam Wireless Speaker

SSD NVMe M.2 Kingston de 500GB PCIe Gen 3.0

SSD NVMe M.2 Kingston de 500GB PCIe Gen 3.0

Video games, RPG and PlayStation games on sale

Discounted video games in Amazon Mexico

As we discussed a few days ago, right now you can buy the control for phones called Razer Kishi for less than 1,000 pesos. The only thing to do is add the product to the cart and before finalizing the payment we will see the discount. The final price is approximately 950 pesos, depending on your zip code.

Halo Infinite Steelbook Edition

Halo Infinite Steelbook Edition

Crystal Tempera Mica for Nintendo OLED Switch

Crystal Tempera Mica for Nintendo OLED Switch

  • God of War – PS4 – 299 pesos
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition -PS4 – 299 pesos
  • Shin Megami Tensei V –NSW –846 pesos
  • Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster – PS4 744 pesos / NSW 949 pesos
  • Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Premium Physical Edition – NSW / PS4 / PS5 – 661 pesos

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit (JP)

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit (JP)

Movies, 4K Collections and Ghostbusters

Discounted movies on Amazon Mexico

  • Rear Window, Vertigo, Psycho and The Birds Bundle – 4K Blu-ray – 768 pesos
  • Planet of the Apes Trilogy – 4K Blu-ray – 661 pesos
  • Bourne Five Movie Bundle – 4K Blu-ray – 1,143 pesos
  • The Mummy Trilogy – 4K Blu-ray – 600 pesos
  • My Poor Little Angel – 4K Blu-ray – 370 pesos
  • King Kong – Blu -ray 4K – 338 pesos
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy with collectible lithographs – Blu-ray – 445 pesos
  • Package with eight Friday the 13th movies – Blu-ray – 521 pesos
  • Robocop Trilogy – Blu-ray – 263 pesos
  • Complete series of Friends – Blu-ray – 1,450 pesos
  • Ghostbusters – Blu-ray – 149 pesos

Toys and collectibles, Disney toys and Monopoly games

Discounted toys and collectibles at Amazon Mexico

  • Ghostbusters Plasma Series, Exto-1 – 999 pesos
  • Galactic Snackin ‘Grogu interactive figure – 1.4599 pesos
  • Black Series Star Wars, Obi-Wan Archive Series – 549 pesos
  • Black Series Star Wars, General Lando Calrissian – 338 pesos
  • Black Series Star Wars, The Child Retro Series – 175 pesos
  • Hasbro Disney Princess Ariel doll – 263 pesos
  • Disney styling head – Anna from Frozen II 374 pesos / Ariel from The Little Mermaid 399 pesos
  • Nerf of Fortnite – 349 pesos
  • Monopoly Ghostbusters edition – 299 pesos
  • Monopoly Crooked Cash – 189 pesos
  • Harry Potter Glow-in-the-Dark Novelty Puzzle – 179 pesos

Microsoft Store, double packs on sale

These are some of the most interesting games that we find with a discount both in the Deals with Gold as in the weekly deals de la Microsoft Store.

We mark with an asterisk the games available withXbox Game Pass . Below the price of the games we can see how much time you have left

to each of the discounts, which can range from days to just a few hours.

33 pesos

Eneba, Gears of War games and Batman The prices mentioned in the following list are the lowest of each game, taking into account the reputation of the seller. Everyone can be exchanged in Mexico

and several from Latin American countries.

Games for Steam on sale in Mexico

AliExpress, a keyboard with trackpad and wireless headphones Most of the products in this store come from china, so shipping may takefrom weeks to months . The price mentioned in the listdoes not include shipping


Aliexpress products on sale in Mexico

eBay, Nintendo Switch OLED Accessories Some of the following products are valid with the service ofEstafeta Members , which allows you to pay a shipment of 10 dollars without paying customs fees, with an approximate delivery of two weeks. Items from China may taketwo to three months to be delivered

. You can find more information in our publication we explain how to carry out this process, but for more information you can consult the official website

about this service.

97 pesos

Gearbest, an LED light ornament and a mini scale Most of the products in this store come from China, so shipping can take up totwo to three months . The price mentioned in the listdoes not include shipping


138 pesos

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