In CdMx you can now buy anime figures in vending machines

The miniature figures ofdragonball,One Piece,Naruto, My Hero AcademyiaDemon Slayer, Kirby, Sanrio, Tamagotchi, among others, they will come encapsulated in vending machines at various points in Mexico City, starting in 2023.

The company gashapon will bring to Mexico the Japanese concept of figures of manga characters that are sold in plastic capsules with surprise gifts insidethe first point of sale will be the wtc from December 16 to January 6.

“These highly detailed toys are popular in Japan and are beginning to emigrate to other countries like Mexico thanks to the growing interest in Japanese culture and anime in our country,” said Manuel Hernández, New Business Development Director of Bandai Mexico.

What are Gashapon machines?
Gashapon are toy capsules dispensed in vending machines; In the United States it is also a registered trademark of Bandai. The proposal is very popular in Japan; The word “Gashapon” is made up of the sounds “gasha” (starting action of a vending machine) and “Pon” with the arrival of the item in the collection tray. The gashapon measure less than 10 centimeters in diameter and are made up of a plastic ball that includes a surprise item.

Where will the Gashapon vending machines be located?

Starting next year, points of sale will be opened in San Angel Portal Y Cuauhtemoc Pavilion.

To get the collectible toy vending machines will be installed that work through tokens. By turning the knob they release a transparent capsule with a surprise object inside. Depending on luck you can win different unique collectible toys.

“Gashapon toys vary in cost from 100 to 160 pesos, and month after month we will be bringing new products, so they will not necessarily be available the next time you go through a Gashapon machine, so you have to take advantage when you see them! !”, said Manuel Hernández.

The next locations of the Gashapon machines can be consulted on Bandai Namco Mexico’s social networks.

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According to information from the market researcher Statista, in 2022 it is 45 trillion yen. Last year, this niche market was worth 38.5 trillion yen, and in 2020, 35.3 trillion yen.