Japan: in 2020, this cult manga brought in the equivalent of Togo’s GDP

We can say that the dazzling success to several works recent such as The attack of the Titans, My Hero Academia or Demon Slayer testifies to the colossal interest that the public has for this type of media, notably with the Japan and the France as the main drivers of this industry. And precisely, among these works, there is one particularly that explodes all records.

a license already cult

The economic information site Toyo Keizai reported that the merchandising (manga, CD, anime, etc.), also including food products and derivative products, franchise Demon Slayer is in the order of 900 billion yen (approximately 6.8 billion euros).

Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga grossed around 10 billion yen (around 75 million euros) in 2019, and around 44 billion yen (around 332 million euros) for the only year 2020. Novels based on the series, meanwhile, grossed around 2.8 billion yen (around 21.5 million euros).

For the anime Demon Slayer, the opening theme gurenge, from the artist title LiSA, grossed about 300 million yen (about 2.3 million euros) in 2019 and 500 million yen (about 3.8 million euros) in 2020. Blu-ray and DVD volumes of the anime grossed around 800 million yen (around $ 6 million) in 2019 when the first six volumes were released in Japan. In 2020, after five more volumes, the anime grossed around 500 million yen, approaching $ 9.8 million in cumulative revenue.

Japan in 2020 this cult manga brought in the equivalent

The film Demon Slayer: Infinity Train was released in October 2020. The film had sold a total of 28,966,806 admissions for a total of 40,016,942,050 yen (approximately € 302 million) in Japan as of May 23, 2021, becoming the first film to cross the 40 billion yen mark. In 45 countries around the world, the film Demon Slayer had sold a total of 41.35 million tickets, equivalent to 51.7 billion yen (about 409 million euros). The Blu-ray / DVD version of the film generated more than 10 billion yen (approximately 76 million euros) in revenue.

The film Demon Slayer was the highest grossing film in the world in 2020. It is now the second highest grossing animated film of all time at the US box office. In Japan, the animated film has sold over a million copies (Blu-ray / DVD) in just three days after release. First week sales exceeded those of Frozen 2, the former record holder for highest DVD and Blu-ray disc sales in his first week in the Reiwa era animation category (May 2019). The DVD version stayed in number one for five weeks, tying the record of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) and Matrix (1999).

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exponential growth

Gotouge launched the manga in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump de Shueisha in February 2016. The manga ended in May 2020. Shueisha released the 23rd and final compiled volume of the manga in December 2020, including the initial circulation was 3.95 million copies.

But the manga only had a running total of “only” 3 million copies in circulation at the end of November 2018. The manga series then included:

  • 3.5 million copies as of April 2019 (when the anime premiered)
  • 12 million copies from the 17th volume in October 2019
  • 25 million copies from the 18th volume in December 2019
  • 60 million copies from the 20th volume in May 2020
  • 120 million copies from the 23rd volume in December 2020

1634402587 901 Japan in 2020 this cult manga brought in the equivalent

In February of this year, the manga had exceeded 150 million copies in circulation.

The anime meanwhile, began in April 2019. It was broadcast on 21 television channels in Japan, and streaming on 14 services. In France, it was Wakanim and Crunchyroll who acquired the license for the animated series, but recently Netflix also seems to have had the rights broadcast, since we will soon see unloading the first season of the anime from ufotable studios.