Japan’s ambassador celebrates anime convention with song

The ambassador and consul of Japan, Kanji Yamanouchi, promotes and celebrates the anime convention in NY with a version of a famous Japanese song. / CGJNYchannel

This weekend, from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 November It will be the anime convention – Japanese animation – in New York, the largest in the city where fans of the deliveries meet and games, collectors and cosplayers – people who dress up as famous characters – mix. To celebrate this transculturation event, the Japanese ambassador to the city shared a particular video.

Because it is important? Diplomatic relations between countries are reinforced through cultural events that allow the different traditions to be shared and united. Japan has had a diplomatic relationship with the United States since 1858 – with a few setbacks during World War II. The Asian island is one of the largest pro-American nations according to a poll de Pew Research.

  • Apart from promoting this anime convention, the United States also celebrates other activities that link it with Japan such as the Festival of the Cherry Blossom in Washington DC for the 3,000 cherry trees that the Mayor of Tokyo, Japan, Yukio Ozaki, gifted to the nation in 1912.

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Context. The Japanese diplomat, Kanji Yamanouchi, decided to celebrate and promote the festival through a video on his YouTube channel by performing on electric guitar one of the most famous introductory songs in the history of contemporary anime: the official song of Demon Slayer.

  • The diplomat first recounts the importance of these cultural events to strengthen relations between countries and how much Japan enjoys having them celebrated in other latitudes, then the piano begins to sound, joined by a box – percussion – and finally a electric guitar solo that give form to the official song of the anime Demon Slayer.
  • Demon Slayer —Kimetsu no Yaiba in its romanization of Japanese — is a successful Japanese animation that first appeared to the public in 2016 in the form of a manga —graphic novel — and was brought to television in 2019. This series has gathered fans around the world, with 23 volumes published and more than 150 million copies in circulation.
  • The anime convention in New York will be held at the Javits Center and the possibility of buying tickets is still available, however, you must first submit negative COVID-19 tests or vaccination document on Thursday before the start of the convention.