Jujutsu Kaisen 0: the Grand Rex reacts after overflows during a session

Previewed at Le Grand Rex cinema in Paris, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 angered fans after unbearable outbursts during a session.

On Sunday March 13, Le Grand Rex organized preview screenings of the feature film Jujutsu Kaisen 0, whose official release is scheduled for Wednesday March 16. Aficionados of the phenomenon series were eager to discover this film, whose story is set before the events of the anime.

The famous Parisian cinema regularly sets up this kind of preview, which has aroused unprecedented enthusiasm in recent years. This enthusiasm has already been seen in the films Dragon Ball Super Broly, Demon Slayer The Infinity Train or the recent My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission.

Unfortunately, a very distressing trend also showed up during some animated screenings of this magnitude. Some frenzied fans spoil the viewing of the feature film by performing in the process of shouting, whistling, dancing or downright undressing.

Overflows had already been observed at the Grand Rex on sessions of Demon Slayer or My Hero Academia. These behaviors did not spare Jujutsu Kaisen, as some fans lamented on Twitter.

Groups of people attend these sessions for the sole purpose of disturbing them and spoiling the fun of others by believing themselves to be in a football stadium.

These overflows sparked a lively controversy on social networks, spectators accusing the Grand Rex of not having acted to calm these fans with distressing behavior. Worse still, it would be encouraged by cinemas to share viral videos praising the atmosphere of these previews.

“We call these fans ‘monkey’ or ‘ambient stripper’ who ‘like to share the film and the emotions it brings with the whole room.’ unexpected turnarounds, or by exclamations during quite shocking scenes”explains the twittos Spider-Younes on BFM.

Last year, these overexcited fans adopted a rallying cry that ended up annoying. They had fun shouting “Eren Jäger” very loudly during the sessions, in reference to the hero of Attack on Titan. This mania ended up settling, giving way to scenes of jubilation more and more appalling.

“The fact of having a Japanese series that arrives in the form of a film in a cinema such as the Grand Rex, it remains a small miracle, even in 2022”notes the videographer Marie Palot at the microphone of BFM.

“It’s a real recognition for this community to have such a film screened in one of the most beautiful theaters in the world. It’s also the promise of discovering the same films as the Japanese”underlines the young woman, who was hired to host the preview of Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

“Sometimes you just need to say a character’s name and people scream. Fans of manga and anime react very easily. You’re the match thrown into an already burning inferno. dead before the movie so maybe they’ll be quiet during the screening. Or it will be worse”she says.

These behaviors annoy in any case a very large majority of fans, who deplore that this minority of agitators discredits the community of lovers of Japanese culture.

The discontent also prompted the Grand Rex to react via a press release posted on Twitter, promising to be firmer in the face of such actions.

In the meantime, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 arrives on March 16 in France. The next animated phenomenon will be Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, whose French release date has not yet been revealed. Will it cause new outbursts or will the trend calm down? Answer in a few months.

In addition, these painful behaviors have also been observed during certain screenings of Spider-Man No Way Home. Spectators confused cinema and football match when the key scenes occurred, such as the appearance of the three Spider-Men.