Kimetsu no Yaiba and its 6 Lower Moons: Which is the most powerful of all?

Animes in which we see humans fighting demons have always been quite frequent. This is how the cases of Hellsing or Ao no Exorcist come to mind, but I think that very few works have achieved the success that they currently enjoy Kimetsu no Yaiba. In the Infinity Train movie and in the Entertainment District arc we met several Upper Moons (the strongest enemies in the manga), but What happened to the Lower Moons?

These enemies so fearsome appeared during the first season of the series of ufotable and put Tanjiro and his friends in big trouble. They may not have the same strength as their “older brothers”, but they are demons to be reckoned with and after all some of them received Muzan’s blood, his master and lord. However, Which of all the Lower Moons is the most powerful?

eye! Next I will deal with issues that are SPOILERS for the Kimetsu no Yaiba manganime. If you haven’t seen Season 1 and the Infinity Train movie yet, I don’t recommend reading any further.

The 6 Lower Moons of (ordered from least to most powerful)

6. Kamanue

  • Kamanue, the lower sixth moon, He was a demon who stood out for being really insecure, he thought a lot about things and had a hard time keeping calm
  • He was not introduced to Demon Slayer until Muzan called all the Lower Moons, and after reading his mind and hearing something he did not like, the great demon lord he killed him first and without regard
  • At no time were we given any information about his powers or abilities❌


kimetsu no yaiba
  • Rui, the Fifth Waning MoonYes, he was a truly important character in the Kimetsu no Yaiba plot
  • This demon confronted Tanjiro and was about to kill him, however ended up being beheaded by Ginyu💀
  • He had the power to use the cells of his body to create very sharp and resistant threads, with which he could attack and defend himself; In addition to this, his skin was thick and could stop many cuts⭐
  • Despite being very skilled was not at the level of a Pillar


kimetsu no yaiba
  • Mukago was the lower or waning fourth moon from Kimetsu no Yaiba, and there are not too many details about his powers either
  • This demon was the next to die at the hands of Muzan, and the reason is because the great fear that he had of the Pillars; did not meet the expectations of his lord💀


kimetsu no yaiba
  • Wakuraba was the only member of the Lower Moons to tried to escape alive from Muzan Castlenevertheless ended up being brutally executed by his teacher
  • We know almost nothing about his abilities, although from his escape attempt it can be deduced that he was incredibly fast

2. Rokuro

kimetsu no yaiba
  • Rokuro, the second Lower Moon, is another character about whom he hardly has concrete information❌
  • Nothing is known about his abilities.but his position suggests that he was more powerful than Rui and the other demons mentioned above❌
  • He was the last to be executed by Muzan💀


kimetsu no yaiba
  • Enmu was always the most powerful demon in the Lower Moonseven before receiving Muzan’s blood (which enhanced his abilities)✅
  • It was one of the antagonists of the movie The Infinity Trainand not even Rengoku (a Pillar) could finish him alone, he needed the help of Tanjiro, Inosuke, Nezuko and Zenitsu to be able to stop him⭐
  • His powers were more varied than normal: he could put his enemies to sleep, control their dreams, generate lots of meat that he can manipulate at will and, even above, he is capable of merge with inanimate objects like a train❗❗❗

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