Kimetsu no Yaiba: Douma advances its arrival with this beautiful illustration from Ufotable

We well know that Douma’s appearance was one of the best moments that marked the end of season 2 of Kimetsu no Yaiba, and although there is still time for his return to anime, the team behind the animation studio Ufotable gave us a pleasant surprise with a beautiful illustration of this demon.

Douma first appeared as one of Gyutaro and Daki’s memories. shortly before they both died. In the middle of a snow storm, Douma appeared before both brothers with a benevolent “being” who would be in charge of saving them by giving them his blood to become demons.

Ufotable was in charge of illustrating this memorable moment from the last episode of Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen, with the upper moon dripping with blood from his dinner, flashing a most disturbing and cynical smile as he extends his hand to “help” Gyutaro and Daki.

Photo: Ufotable

Kimetsu no Yaiba started as a sleeve written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotoge in the pages of the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from Shueisha between February 2016 and May 2020. The main story of demon slayer was completed with a total of 205 chapters published in 23 compilation volumes, which even after completion are part of the series of sleeve best sellers in the first half of the year 2022

The anime adaptation of Kimetsu no Yaiba is produced by Ufotable studios and so far has a total of 44 animated episodes that can be found on the Crunchyroll platform. Currently Ufotable is in the production of the season 3 of Kimetsu no Yaibawho will be in charge of following the history of our favorite demon hunters in the “Arc of the Village of Blacksmiths”


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