Kimetsu no Yaiba: how can Nezuko Kamado become human again?

This would be the only way to turn Nezuko Kamado back into a human in Demon Slayer.

The plot of Demon Slayer revolves around Tanjiro Kamado, whose main objective is to find a cure for make his sister stop being a demon and take revenge on Muzan for having slaughtered almost his entire family. During the trajectory of the story it is shown that both Tanjiro and Nezuko are special people for having unique abilities and powerful.

It seems that Nezuko has learned to refrain from eating humans and recognizes who her brother is, which demons don’t normally do due to her demonic instinct. However, in the second season, when they face Gyutaro and Daki, Nezuko unleashes a great power that generates a new transformation in her, and has made many wonder if this power will continue to evolve and How could she possibly be human again? To understand it, you have to take into account several details that we explain in the following information.

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Why Nezuko is special in Kimetsu no Yaiba

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Nezuko loses control and unleashes her demonic power on Demon Slayer

There is no doubt that Nezuko is someone special, and that is their skills don’t compare with that of any other demon. One of the qualities it has is that it can control his demon transformation at willand the most impressive of all that has been shown on the screen is that of the “Berserk Mode”where you can see a Frantic, vengeful, and bloodthirsty Nezuko.

In this state, the physical form drastically changes to a adult female body with marks all over, sharp teeth, slit eyes, sharp claws, long hair, and a small horn on the right side of its head. This transformation gives him many advantages, as it greatly increases his strength, speed, regeneration and the power to heal to other people, as he did to the Pillar of Sound. However, it seems that Nezuko is not in control of this form at all, as she has come to lose her temper by getting too angry, so Tanjiro must keep her conscious at all times.

How Tanjiro can heal Nezuko in Kimetsu no Yaiba

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Tanjiro and Nezuko learn to use their abilities to defend the innocent.

Turning a demon back into a human is practically impossible, but it seems that the answer to this is behind the King of Demons who has been in charge of turning Nezuko into a monster. (SPOILERS below). Although it is somewhat complicated, much later in the story Tanjiro finds a way to achieve this goal, to be more specific, in Kimetsu no Yaiba manga chapter 196Nezuko begins to remember her family and many of the things that have happened during her life as a devil.

At the same time, Tanjiro is shown fighting Muzan, while the Pillars are on the ground unable to continue. Right now there are only 35 minutes left until dawn, so Muzan has a plan to divide himself to escape the situation, but Tanjiro realizes that he has to attack 12 sites at once to defeat him and tells Iguro about it.

When Muzan tries to use his technique, he notices that Tamayo’s medicines are starting to take effect on him. humanization, aging and prevention of cell expansion. The fourth medicine would be created after being weakened by the third, and this would be the final end of Muzan if it is carried out successfully. In this way, Muzan would die and probably all the demons that were transformed by him, they would return to their human stateincluding Nezuko Kamado.

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