Kimetsu No Yaiba: This Is The Best Mist Hashira Cosplay You’ll See In A Long Time

Tokito will be fundamental in the third season of the anime.

Although the manga has already ended and the fate of the characters can already be known, it must be said that the fever for Demon Slayer does not go downthus giving rise to us being able to see how many are waiting for the premiere of the third season, in which we will see how Tanjiro and Nezuko go to the village of the blacksmiths of their swords in what will be a new encounter with demons.

And it must be said that they will not be alone in this adventure, since it is known that Mitsuri Kanroji, Pillar of Love, and Muichiro Tokito, Pillar of the Mist, will be present in this season just as they did in the manga, this being where they will have the role of being companions in the fight against demonsduring this arc.

The new season of Demon Slayer will have Muichiro Tokito as one of the great protagonists

Find out which is the strongest Demon Slayer Hashira

Find out which is the strongest Demon Slayer Hashira

Under this same premise, it must be said that the Pillars are very popular characters, being known as the Hashira in their original language. In this way, it is quite obvious to think that they have many fans who have even cosplayed them, this being the case that we have been able to see with the Pillar of the Serpent. And it seems that now it is the turn of the youngest of them all, the Pillar of the Mist.

Given this, it must be said that, although we have already been able to see another Hashira of the Fog cosplay on occasion, now it has been the Instagram user known as syokupan_natto who has uploaded her own version of Tokito Muichirowho is the youngest pillar and in fact has a very relevant lineage within the history of Kimetsu No Yaiba.

For all these reasons, in the absence of confirming the premiere date of the new season of Demon Slayer in Japan, it only remains to say that you can take a look below to this spectacular cosplay of one of the strongest characters in manga and anime:

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