Kimetsu no Yaiba: This is why Akaza hates Doma

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Although the Twelve Demon Moons are relatively allies for being part of the same side, the truth is that many of these demons they are only together on Muzan’s orders. The ego and hatred they carry can become stronger than their friendly relations, so much so that many compete with each other or get upset over absurd things, as the simple fact of wanting to be the best.

A clear example of this is the relationship of Doma and Akaza, which are considered to be one of the most powerful demons in the Twelve Demon Moons, but their biggest flaw is that they they hate each other. Next, we will explain in detail what happens between these two Demon Slayer characters.

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Akaza and Doma hate each other for their attitudes

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Akaza cuts off Doma’s head for not obeying Muzan in Demon Slayer

Akaza is Upper Moon Three, while Doma is Upper Moon Two, both would like to reach the number one spot to have more confidence with Muzan, however, there has been no demon that surpasses Kokushibo for many centuries. The interesting thing about this is that it seems that the two demons mentioned They try to bring some competition, especially when it comes to Akaza, who is the most competitive and interested.

Doma always complains about Akaza because he never takes it into account, but he still tried maintain some friendly attitude with him, and that’s one of the things Akaza hates the most. The simple fact of being friendly or signs of emotions that are linked to human attitudes, make him angry, so much so that has come to cut off Doma’s head in half when he found out that he was trying to do a quest that Muzan didn’t give him.

In short, the reason for the enmity is more absurd than it seems, because it was all probably caused for Doma is Upper Moon Two and Akaza longs to be in his post. However, Doma states that it is impossible for Akaza to beat him in combat, and even Kokushibo proposes make them fight to the deathbut says it’s a waste of time.

Doma appreciates Akaza

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Doma confirms that Akaza was weak for not eating women in Demon Slayer

Doma actually feels a certain appreciation for Akaza, although the latter does not want to accept it and humor him for being powerful demons. (SPOILERS below). When he develops the story a little more, Doma believes that he feels differently, since he is dying after the battle against Kanao Tsuyuri remember a lot of things about Akaza, and mentions that he lost his “best friend” while crying incessantly. According to him, he had felt emotions while he was dying because he was worried and sad about his partner, in turn, he mentions that Akaza couldn’t be stronger because he never ate womenand that was something that had probably made him weak.

Even though Doma shows empathy, Kanao reaffirms that demons don’t have feelings.since Doma would never have cared for Akaza, and all her “emotions” were completely false.

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