Kimetsu No Yaiba: this Kokushibo cosplay is so brutal that you will not see another one like it

This cosplay is so real that it will scare you.

The new season of Kimetsu No Yaiba is about to be released and in this new arch you will be able to appreciate the abilities of one of the strongest Hashira of the extermination corps named Muichiro Tokito.

The hype that this work has generated in the fans is so much that many have made hundreds of cosplays of the characters in this seriesbecause everyone has very striking stories as well as their designs that impress anyoneas is the case with Kokushibo, the Upper Moon #1which causes great terror just by looking at it.

Recently, a Instagram artist has decided to immortalize this powerful demon with a cosplay that will fascinate you. Next, we tell you the details.

You will love this incredible Kokushibo cosplay

This Kokushibo Cosplay Is So Real It'll Make You Scared

This Kokushibo Cosplay Is So Real It’ll Make You Scared

The interesting plot of Kimetsu No Yaiba has gone positioning this work among the most viewed currentlywell the story behind each character is so fascinating that leaves anyone hooked.

This series has various antagonists that without hesitation will cause you some interesteither because of their designs or because of their powerful and incredible abilities, as is the case with Kokushibo, the Upper Moon #1before joining Muzan’s army, this character served as a prominent swordsman within the Demon Slayer corps alongside his younger brother Yoriichi, who far outclassed him.

Due to the incredible abilities that Yoriichi possessed he left brewing in his older brother a deep envybecause he felt that he could never become as recognized or praised as his relative, to this was also added the curse of the hunter’s mark that shortened his lifespanpushing it to Rows of Muzan Kibutsuji.

Kokushibo upon joining Muzan’s army, acquired immediately the highest rank within thishaving a great hierarchy over the other demons, becoming the second most powerful demon in existence. Also, the physical appearance of this swordsman underwent great changesbecause now it has six eyes, this being its distinctive feature, with which it would cause fear just by looking at it.

The peculiar design of this demon has caught the attention of lovers of this workbecause apart from being a skillful master of the sword, he causes a great impression and feeling of terror that intimidate any adversary.

For this reason, a Instagram artist named _Sammills has decided to make a spectacular cosplay so real of this character, that without a doubt it will scare you.

In this image you can see how the artist has captured with great attention to detail, the Kokushibo’s cold and intimidating gazetracing their eyes perfectly, and one of the demonic marks that this swordsman possessesadded to this to give a more real touch to this representation, this cosplayer wears the outfit and the epic sword of this demon.

Without a doubt this cosplay is one of the best and most realistic about this demonic moonbecause the artist has achieved perfectly trace the characteristic features of this character.

It remains to be hoped that the plot of this popular anime will continue to develop, in order to see animated and in action this intimidating and powerful demon.