Kimetsu no Yaiba: When and where to see the premiere of part 2 of the second season

‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ has shared a new trailer of the expected ‘Arch of the Entertainment District’, which will be the central argument of the second season of the anime superstar of Ufotable.

The second part of the long-awaited comeback has been received with much less positivity than expected, as the first seven episodes of the new season have been a recount of the events of the Infinity Train Arc, which we already reviewed in the first film of the franchise.

The last of these chapters officially ended the story of ‘Mugen Train’; so the 8th and next episode will finally start with the Entertainment District Arc ‘.

Kimetsu S2 visual 2

The ‘Arch of the Entertainment District’ O ‘Arch of Red Light’ from the original manga of Koyoharu Gotouge, is the next phase of history that follows the events of the ‘Infinity Train‘, and will be the first completely new adapted material since the feature’s release in October 2020. It will officially begin airing on December 5th on Japan, starting as the 8th episode of the season overall.

To hype the next premiere, ‘Demon Slayer’ released a new trailer for the arc of Entertainment district exclusively for Japanese audiences. However, the Internet did its thing and has already leaked to the West.

‘Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc’ will air on December 5 in Japan, and will feature an OST performed by To like, which includes the new opening song, “Zankyo Sanka” and the new ending song “Asa ga Kuru.”

The duration of this new Arc has not been officially revealed yet, but it will challenge “Tanjiro Kamado” and the others with an even stronger threat than “Akaza”, as seen in ‘Mugen Train’. “Tanjiro” learned in that fight that he has much more room to grow, and he will soon realize how quickly he needs to grow.

With these new challenges will also come some new allies, since “Tanjiro” will form a team with him. Hashira of Sound, “Tengen Uzui”. The Entertainment district It is his territory, but he will face a new and dangerous type of mission that will confront him and “Tanjiro” with another of the demons of higher rank.

The second season of ‘Demon Slayer’ can be seen, as well as the episodes as epilogue with the Infinity Train Arc; en simulcast on Crunchyroll y Funimation.