Kimetsu No Yaiba’s followers clash over Rengoku and Tengen


Everything indicates that Tengen has many more abilities.

It’s no secret that fans of any manga or anime series openly discuss the qualities, and even flaws, of the iconic characters from each of their favorite series. This has largely led them to discover more details about their stories that they probably hadn’t considered from the start of the discussion.

But what is not surprising is that on several occasions there have been serious disagreements regarding the powers of the characters. Which is the perfect setting to show who could take control in a given fight (which might happen… or might not) or save the day and become more and more recognized heroes in and out of their universes. And, in reality, the conclusions they can reach are sometimes really impressive, especially when it comes to the wildest theories. The best of all is when these definitions end up becoming a kind of prophecy. But, in the face of many discussions on networks, we reached the same point: demonstrating the strength of the characters among the fans is almost a custom forever.

Shingeki no Kyojin also has its favorites

While there may be some quirks that have made multiple series’ leads, heroes, villains, or supporting characters popular, Shingeki No Kyojin is not far behind in terms of its construction and narrative. And when it comes to getting into action, Isayama knows exactly what to do with them. So much so that the last plot arc has left fans speechless in an unexpected twist after Eren Jaeger’s Rumble. This catastrophic event would definitely change the fate of the Eldians completely. And it is not for less, since it is one of the most important powers: an inheritance from Ymir, the powers of the Founding Titan. In this way, the other characters have also made their own spaces among the admiration of the followers of Shingeki No Kyojin.

To better understand, the conflict between the fans stems mainly from two demon slayers: Kyojuro Rengoku and Tengen Uzui. The first of them, Rengoku, belongs to the Demon Extermination Corps. His enthusiasm, charisma and conscientiousness have made him one of the most important members for the worthy task of searching for the most imposing demons in the series. But what interests us in this debate is precisely the strength and resistance that distinguishes it, along with an improved speed which, by far, surpassed Tanjiro himself. Although his skills as a Swordsman (the same ones that at some point he used to cut off Akaza’s arm) are also part of his virtues, like the breath of the flame, a unique style of combat in which he is able to use 5 different techniques to form an elaborate attack against his most powerful enemies.

On the other hand, we have Tengen Uzui. It is true that this secondary character did not have as much impact on the narrative as among the fans, apparently. But not for that we must forget that this demon hunter, also a member of the Demon Extermination Corps, he has his respective skills that have earned him respect among his peers. However, before continuing with his powers, it is worth mentioning that he had a striking personality, since he used to consider himself as a kind of God and acted too extravagant, especially when his peers adopted similar behaviors.

Now yes, getting into the matter, his powers were closely linked with superhuman speed and strength that, of course, classified him as the fastest pillar in history (which, curiously, gave him a teleportation aspect). And in terms of his strength, he was the second strongest pillar, surpassing even Gyutaro (whose poison can instantly kill anyone). But these were not the only abilities of his, as a shinobi, he had developed great stealth and extraordinary hearing.


The real question, Rengoku or Tengen?

As we have already said, discussions about the strength of the characters are quite common on networks like Reddit, where a group of fans debate which one would win if they faced each other. Thus, these two members, Rengoku and Tengen, of the Hunter Corps were the focus of attention this time, when a Reddit user, KnYChan2 decided to raise the theory that Tengen could easily surpass Rengoku, alluding to the second season that gave them their respective prominence. However, the debate did not end there, as other Twitter users shared their own opinion.


Unfortunately, the discussion is not yet over to recount the votes, however, the opinions seem to be divided in the same proportion. Some fans lean towards Rengoku, but others point out Tengen’s extra powers. So it should be admitted that perhaps Tengen has certain advantages that would guarantee victory.

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