Komori cosplays Nezuko complete with box for Demon Slayer fans

This weekend we saw the end of the second season of the anime of Kimetsu no Yaiba and we will have to wait another year to continue seeing the adventures of Tanjiro and company. To accompany the wait we decided to present the cosplay that he made Anastasia Komoriwho made a nezuko cosplay special for Demon Slayer fans.

Anastasia Komori is a very popular Russian cosplayer who has been active for many years, but in the last couple she has reached a professional quality with her costumes. The first time we saw Komori in her nezuko cosplay It was in December 2019, shortly after the anime’s first season ended. However, it was not until the following year that we began to see its best versions.

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The costume and wig you wear Anastasia Komori in her Nezuko cosplay they were made by Procosplay, a costume store specializing in characters from movies, video games, anime, and manga. Thanks to them, Komori’s appearance as Nezuko Kamado closely resembles what the character would look like in real life.

within the universe of Kimetsu no YaibaTanjito tells us that nezuko She was known for her great beauty and was a source of pride for her family, but this popularity extended outside of Koyoharu Gotouge’s work, as Nezuko is among the fan favorites. Despite being a demon and having wild episodes, Nezuko usually looks very cute and Komori managed to show this side of the character.

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Something that characterizes nezuko is that it is always traveling inside a wooden box to avoid the sun’s rays, and Anastasia Komori’s cosplay could not be complete without this box. The last time we saw Komori making cosplay of Nezuko, he did so by waking up from his box (Or maybe going to sleep?). “It was hard to get into the box because I’m 175cm tall,” the cosplayer said.

If you like the work of Anastasia Komori I recommend that you follow her on her social networks, as she is usually very active and her cosplays are always of the highest quality, as we can see from her nezuko cosplay.