Kyojuro Rengoku Receives New Official Demon Slayer Art

Kyojuro Rengoku could be the most heartbreaking death in Demon Slayer anime thus far, with Flame Hashira making her debut on the Mugen Train but failing to survive her encounter with the demon Akaza.

While Rengoku might be gone, he certainly isn’t forgotten, as Tanjiro seeks revenge along with the secret to the power known as Sun Breathing. Now an entertainer ufotable has shared a new version of Rengoku through the animation studio’s official website.

The character designer for the adaptation to the demon slayer anime, Akira Matsushimareleased the new image of Flame Hashira, with Rengoku unsheathing his sword and living up to his name, allowing him to unleash fierce attacks against dozens of demons:

Kyojuro Rengoku official art Demon Slayer

Image: Ufotable “Rengoku from Demon Slayer”.

While Rengoku did not survive his battle against Akazathe superior demon who delights in battle, his spirit lives on in Tanjiro and his companions, the young demon slayers.

Flame Hashira clearly had an interesting background, as discovered during the Entertainment District Arc, and Rengoku’s family is still coping in their own way in regards to his loss, though they were able to put Tanjiro on the right track when he arrived. to learn more about solar breathing.

The technique Tanjiro is still dealing with has yet to be fully mastered, though as the Shonen protagonist learns, Sun Breathing was the foundation for all other breathing styles the Demon Slayer Corps learned throughout their career.

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The third season of the Demon Slayer anime is coming next year, following the destructive events of the Entertainment District Arc that put another Hashira out of commission.

focusing on Swordsmith Village Arc, the Hashiras of Love and Mist will take center stage this time, as Tanjiro and his allies are about to learn more about the demons that lurk in the world. Remember that you can watch Demon Slayer from Crunchyroll.

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