Leisure – Japanese culture puts on a show until this Sunday for the first edition of the Bourges Japan pop show at the Pavillon d’Auron

“France is the second largest consumer of manga,” says David Nicolas, artistic director of Bold Production, which organizes the Bourges Japan pop show convention. There is a real craze for Japanese culture. Many come in cosplay
. Here, nobody judges, it’s a big family. »

In the aisles of the Pavillon d’Auron, which has become, for a weekend, the temple of pop and japan culture where the organizers hope for between 6,000 and 8,000 visitors, we come across manga characters and superheroes. hero… Capucine, 13 years old under the blonde wig of Lucie Heartfilia, is delighted to wear the outfit of the heroine ofFairy Tail

. The young girl from Blet does not hide her pleasure. “I’m here to have fun, not to take myself seriously, to meet passionate people like me, to take photos, to create friendships. »
For the occasion, Capucine is accompanied by her mother Alexandra, and her grandmother, Martine, two other generations “who discover, a little surprised, another world” but are happy to take part in the game. Quite naturally, discussions begin between cosplayers who mutually admire their costumes. Karine, a dynamic castelroussine mother, chose to play Sailor Moon, the heroine of Japanese animation she watched on TV when she was little. His 10-year-old son Mathis, attracted that morning by video games, camps Nezuko fromDemon Slayer

, and Manon, her 12-year-old daughter, is out and about in the aisles loaded with tempting stalls. “We have been preparing for this release for more than a month. We chose our cosplays, some make them, we ordered them on the internet. » premium

The first Japan Pop Show convention, in Bourges, on October 22 and 23
Behind her, young dancers launch into pop-Korean and pop-Japanese choreographies. The atmosphere will crescendo, like the number of visitors who reach the aisles. A little further on, Magalie and her 11-year-old daughter Emma stroll around. They left the dad and the little brother in Sancerre to take full advantage of a Saturday between girls, in the skin of the characters of My hero academia. Both collect manga, watch Black Butler

including in VO. “We each bought a surprise bag”, they show proudly “to keep lots of memories of the day”.

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In another space, eyes turn to Éléa and Lauryn, 14, transformed into their Raiden and Beidou outfits. For the two friends, it is rather exhilarating “to put yourself in someone else’s shoes”. They would not do it in the streets of Saint-Amand-Montrond where they live, but “here we dare, it’s benevolent”. The cosplayers have an eye for detail right down to the make-up and the false eyelashes.


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With his big black mustache plastered on the lip, Clément does not go unnoticed either. “With Axelle, we enjoy a good time, we watch what is being done, and we ourselves wanted to mark the occasion. “The couple, who made the trip to Nevers, are lovers of manga, “another form of comics, with more of a scenario. It’s a culture that touches people,” he says. “With them, we have another vision of the world. »

This mini Japan-expo, also open to video games, street culture, graffiti, gastronomy, calligraphy… continues today in the presence of 120 exhibitors. Above all, do not leave without having tasted the candied fruits…

Practice of taking on the appearance of a character from manga, science fiction and video games (Larousse).

Day pass: 10 euros; Free for children 6 and under. Open from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Some key moments: Show manga concert at 2 p.m. Cosplay parade at 3 p.m.