Line 6: Metro users suffer from delays of up to 20 minutes

Users of Collective Transport System (STC) Meter reported through Twitter the delays in the service of the line 6specifically in stations like Martin Career where the waiting time was approximately 30 minutes and in other seasons up to 10 minutesso they suggested looking for other alternatives Of transport.

Users shared images of the crowds. | PHOTO: Twitter @CafeConAzocar

And it is that despite the update on the Train Advance issued by the Metro through its official Twitter account, where it was mentioned that the waiting time on Line 6 was seven minutes at 08:30 a.m., however, the users were in charge of denying the information with which they were living, since they reported that the time really went from 10 to 30 minutes

The Metro shared the Train Advance at 08:30. | PHOTO: @MetroCDMX

Are affectations they lasted for a few hours, but the Metro did not issue any kind of information about what was happening, instead the users pointed out that in addition to the evident delaythe wagons were extremely fullso there were those who chose to go out and take the transportation publicsince these delays seriously affect those who work in the morning.

A strange object causes affectations in the Metro

At noon, the STC Metro reported on the action taken with one of the trains after its doors failed, for which it was announced that he had to retire the Line 6 train to check its door mechanism and it was there that it was detected that a plastic object was obstructing them and they could not close well.

According to photos shared on social media, the object appeared to be a key ring plastic of an anime character Demon slayer. In this way, the Metro asked users protect your belongings and do not obstruct the doors, likewise, that they attend to the instructions of the staff.

Continuous failures in the Metro

Subway users often report delays in different points of the Metro, mainly in the Line 3, Where have you recently registered? failures and it has been thanks to Internet users that they have become known. Either with Photos Y videosusers have noticed minimum wait of 15 minutes or power outages. Sometimes, it is notified in advance, but other times, although it is notified, it is not specified what happens.

Like what happened on December 6, when they reported delays up to 20 minutes to be able to board a train in the line 3which runs from Green Indians a University and many of the main stations on the route were severely affected and saturated.

That day, the Metro reported in its 07:00 report that Line 3 recorded maximum influx of users, so access to the stations was controlled to avoid crowds: “Good morning, For securityat times and stations with the greatest influx, the entrance to the platforms is dosed” read the tweet. Likewise, the Metro explained that on said route the interval between trains was approximately seven minutes, although users affirmed, as on this occasion , that the waiting time is greater, exceeding the 20 minutes.


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