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Check out our full list of manga and anime matchups. Each of us has already tried to find out which chapters or volumes of a manga agree with the end of a season of an anime. We usually ask ourselves this question to identify the sequel of an anime by going to read the scans of the homologous manga, which are in advance. Thus, we can quickly discover the rest of our favorite work.

But at FuransuJapon, we noticed that there is no article online, in French or in English, that summarizes this for all manga. Each of us must be content to pick up answers from more or less obscure forums and drop by drop. To make your life easier, we have decided to implement long and tedious research to synthesize our knowledge of manga and anime. This is what led to the creation of this summary article for the main works!

The manga/anime list is listed in alphabetical order. You can scroll down the page manually or simply search within it (CTRL+F on computer, via browser settings on mobile phone). We try to build a clear and clear concordance between the various seasons of an anime and its manga, but also between the different arcs and the correspondence with the chapters, volumes and episodes. Then, we write in bold the chapter to which you must resume to discover the continuation of an anime when it is feasible.

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