Loki, Demon Slayer and presidential candidates: Google revealed the search trends in Chile during this 2021 – La Tercera

When the countdown to the farewell of this 2021 began, Google Finally made it known its traditional annual count known as “The year in searches”.

At a global level, this count will not be very surprising for those who followed the contingency during this year and it is that while in general searches soccer seems to dominate, the phenomenon of The Squid Game (Squid Game) managed to settle in the Top 10 of the most searched. All while in the most newsworthy edges the coronavirus and its variants also marked a presence and several people tried to find out about the Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

The general searches and the most searched news worldwide this 2021 on Google.

But that is not what summons us here since Google also revealed the data from “The year in search” for Chile. As you can imagine, the politics section is marked by the presidential race since Sebastián Sichel, Gabriel Boric, José Antonio Kast and Yasna Provoste appear in the Top 5 of the most wanted politicians. All while Karina Oliva, who was a candidate for governor and senator for the Metropolitan Region, is also at the top of that list that also includes some recently elected mayors such as Macarena Ripamonti, Tomas Vodanovic and Irací Hassler.

1639062749 173 Loki Demon Slayer and presidential candidates Google revealed the search

And while that scenario was obviously coming before the number of elections that have marked this year, there are other categories of searches in Chile during this 2021 that may be more striking.

In the first place, while in the rest of the world the domain of The Squid Game was undisputed, in Chile the most wanted series was Loki by Marvel Studios. However, while worldwide the most sought-after tapes were The Eternals Y Black Widow, those installments of the MCU did not lead the section of the films in this area and Google users in Chile searched for more about the film by Demon Slayer Y The Conjuring 3.

1639062749 703 Loki Demon Slayer and presidential candidates Google revealed the search
The most searched series in the world and the most searched series in Chile this 2021.
1639062749 416 Loki Demon Slayer and presidential candidates Google revealed the search
The most wanted movies in the world and the most wanted movies in Chile this 2021.

On the other hand, regarding the questions that were entered directly in the search engine, these include queries such as:

  1. How to apply for the middle class Voucher?
  2. What is the name of Thor’s hammer?
  3. How do I know if I am a table member?
  4. How to get the Mobility Pass?
  5. How to apply for the IFE Universal?
  6. How do I know where I have to vote?
  7. How to get the green card?
  8. How to get a Unique Key?
  9. How do I know if I am a beneficiary of the SME 2021 bonus?
  10. How do I know if I am in a political party?

In addition to other doubts that range from the members of the Constitutional Convention such as Elisa Loncón and Jaime Bassa to Pedro Pascal and Camilo Figueroa, Mayte Rodríguez’s partner.

  1. Who is Camilo Figueroa?
  2. Who is Jaime Bassa?
  3. Who is Elisa Loncon?
  4. Who is Easy Naya?
  5. Who is Luisa Toledo?
  6. Who is the new President of Peru?
  7. Who is my candidate?
  8. Who is Ignacia Michelson?
  9. Who is Pedro Pascal?
  10. Who is Aron Piper?

All while Chilean Google users also asked themselves “What is PIMS?”, “What is TTP 11?”, “What is pansexual?”, “What is OnlyFans?” and, of course, “What is the delta variant?”

Finally the most sought after recipes by Chileans are led by broken calzones and classic sopaipillas. But neither those dishes nor the doubts mentioned above entered the Top 10 of the most sought after at a general level and there the first place was for the Emergency Family Income (IFE) and even most of the rest of the topics are related in a way or another with the pandemic.

These are the most searched terms at a general level in Google Chile this 2021:

  1. IFE
  2. Middle Class Bonus
  3. Servel
  4. America’s Cup 2021
  5. Temporary permit
  6. Mobility Pass
  7. I get vaccinated
  8. Chile elections 2021
  9. Solidarity Loan
  10. Vacation Permit