LoL: Kimetsu no Yaiba lands on Summoner’s Rift with this fan-created opening

League of Legends has various story arcs the sea of ​​​​interesting, either with events in the game or with the narrative that develops around the updates. Even some of the Riot Games MOBA episodes are, in fact, worthy of their own openings. In this case, a fan took it as a mission and recreated the opening from the popular anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba with several title champions.

The video in question was made by the youtuber Jordinary, who often does outstanding animations with many League of Legends champions on his channel. This time, the goal was to place LoL champions as Demon Slayer characters in the opening from the last arc of the anime starring the Pillar of Sound transformed into Sett:

Tanjiro and Zenitsu arrive at Summoner’s Rift.

Jordinary used a version of the song Zankyou Zanka by Japanese singer Aimer to make the opening something masterful. In the video, Yasuo appears as the protagonist, Sett, Master Yi, Olaf, Akali, Nidalee, Gwen, Evelynn, Twisted Fate, Zyra, and Kayn.

In addition to the opening of Kimetsu no Yaiba animated with LoL champions, the artist channel features various other animations, but from the original Jordinary stories, also with characters from League of Legends. Many have been those who yearn for a Riot MOBA anime; because yes, Arcane is quite good, but a Japaneseized version of the title would be the dream of many players who are also fans of Japanese culture.

Jordinary isn’t the only one using LoL champions in their animations. Another popular fan, Chikurin, has also posted, for example, the MOBA characters in their Anima Squad skins performing Kpop choreography. In addition to these, another Reddit user has also created anime openings for League of Legends, using champions like Yasuo, Riven, Ekko, Braum, and many more.

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