LoL: Pokémon, Katy Perry and Ratatouille selected to be part of a big competition

Game News LoL: Pokémon, Katy Perry and Ratatouille selected to be part of a big competition

Today were unveiled the different anthems of the teams that will participate in the Mid Summer Invitational, one of the biggest League of Legends tournaments in the world. And we can say that there are some nice surprises.


  • LoL MSI: what are the team anthems
  • Date, place, phases… what you need to know about the MSI

LoL MSI: what are the team anthems

He’s getting closer! the Mid Summer Invitational of League of Legends, one of the most prestigious and challenging tournaments in the title, will launch its 2022 edition in a week. And like a real sports competition, the participating teams will be accompanied by their anthems. A selection that was made in two stages since the teams chose four songs, which they then submitted to the vote with the Twitter community. And some songs are more than surprising! Here are the results :

  • G2 (Europe): Our Way – G2
  • T1 (South Korea): runner – Raiden
  • RNG (China): 追梦赤子心 – GALA
  • EG (North America): Industry Baby – LilNasX
  • DFM (Japan): The First Take -LiSA
  • PSG Talon (South East Asia): Pokemon Theme
  • Order (Oceania): Believer – Imagine Dragons
  • Team Aze (Latin America): Dynamite -BTS
  • Red Canids (Brazil): Feast – Ratatouille
  • Istanbul Wildcats (Turkey): Roars – Katy Perry
  • Saigon Buffalo (Vietnam): Warriors – Imagine Dragons

Admittedly, some titles raise eyebrows: the first opening of pokemon, Roars by Katy Perry or even Feast of Ratatouille. That being said, there is a certain consistency in the choice of certain hymns: Warriors by Imagine Dragons served as the song for the LoL World Championships in 2014 and it’s not illogical to see another song from the band. same for me The First Take by LiSA: this is one of the end credits of the animated adaptation of Demon Slayer and was selected by the Japanese DFM team.

Date, place, phases… what you need to know about the MSI

The opportunity for us to take stock of this 19-day tournament. Since March 30, we know that it will be held in South Korea and marks the return of face-to-face competition at high level. 11 teams for 11 regions represented: South Korea, Turkey, Japan, Europe, Oceania, Latin America, Southeast Asia, China, Brazil, North America and Vietnam. These eleven teams will compete from May 10 to 29, in the following format:

The different phases of the tournament

  • May 10-15: Teams will be split into 2 groups of 4 and 1 group of 3 for a home-and-away game in a winning leg within their respective group during the group stage.
  • May 18-22: The top two teams from each group will move on to the rumble phase, where the remaining six teams will play a home-and-away game in a winning leg.
  • May 27-29: Next, the top four teams will advance to the finals, where they will face off in a five-leg knockout tournament. The two remaining teams will face off in the finals to determine which is the best team in League of Legends at the mid-season of the competition. The winner will take home the trophy and the title of MSI 2022 champion.

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