LoL: The opening of Demon Slayer with League of Legends champions!

League of Legends has several really interesting story arcs, whether it’s with in-game events (specific interactions when two given champions cross paths) or the narrative that unfolds around updates. Some of Riot Games’ MOBA episodes could perfectly receive their anime opening, such as the Viego saga. Today, a fan has given himself the mission of recreating the credits of the second season of Demon Slayer with various champions of LoL.

The video

The video in question was made by the youtuber Jordinary which has a habit of featuring many League of Legends champions on its channel. This time, the goal was to turn them into Demon Slayer characters in the anime’s final arc opening featuring the Pillar of Sound whose role is held by Sett. The Vastaya isn’t the only MOBA protagonist in the video, Yasuo, Master Yi, Twisted Fate, Olaf, Akali, Nidalee, Gwen, Evelynn, Zyra, and Kayn also feature. The videographer tries to recreate the mythical scenes of the work, while adapting them to the universe of the game (might as well tell you that the discovery of a corpse with 0/12 above it greatly changes the dramatic impact of the scene).

A Japanese League of Legends animation?

If we talk about animation and League of Legends, the Arcane series automatically comes to mind. However, it only covers a specific moment and place in the MOBA universe (in this case Piltover and Zaun), and it would not be impossible to tell the story of other protagonists with a very different style. A manga-style animation could, for example, fit perfectly with certain champions from Ionia, an Asian-inspired region. Demacia would also be a plausible candidate, if more unlikely. Several characters from the kingdom of Jarvan IV are partly inspired by characters from the Three Kingdoms saga (this can be seen on certain skins, in particular Jarvan of the Kingdom at War which refers to Lu-Bu*). Although China and Japan are two very different countries, a manga-style animation wouldn’t be shocking for a story featuring certain champions of Demacia, even if Ionia remains the most logical region to receive a series with a paw. oriental graphic.

(*Not all characters with a Warring Kingdoms skin are necessarily inspired by the Three Kingdoms. For example, although Tryndamere has a skin referring to Guan-Yu, the latter was not at all inspired by the creation of the Barbarian King .)

Jordinary isn’t the only one using LoL champions in their animations. Another popular fan, R9Malso featured Riot Games characters on several occasions, but in a much simpler style. In the end, he has more than 20 episodes visible on his channel, and a season 2 of his animations is in progress.

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