Long-distance runner Héctor Pagán will be the flag bearer of the First Guadeloupe 2022 Caribbean Games

The long distance racing specialist, Héctor Pagán Ortiz will be the flag bearer of the First Guadeloupe 2022 Caribbean Games. The athlete will lead the delegation that was made up of 36 Puerto Ricans and will compete from June 29 to July 3.

The president of the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee (COPUR), Sara Rosario Vélez, made the announcement of the mono-starred standard bearer during the presentation and flag-bearing of the Delegation held in the Presidents’ Hall of the Olympic House in Old San Juan.

“Despite the fact that this is a young delegation with very little participation, there are athletes here who have had great triumphs and great medals. Last night the Executive Committee met to appoint a flag bearer or flag bearer for the Delegation”, said Rosario Vélez.

“It is with immense honor that today (Wednesday) I announce that the flag bearer of this Delegation for the 1st Caribbean Games will be our gold medalist from the 1st Junior Pan American Games in Cali, Héctor Pagán”, announced the President of COPUR.

Pagán Ortiz is a native of Barranquitas. The 20-year-old athlete will compete in the 1,500 meters, having a personal best of 3:47.30. He also excels in the 800, 3,000 meter hurdle, 5,000 and 10,000 meter races. Among his best results is the gold medal and qualification for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games during the I Junior Pan American Games Cali 2021 in the 10,000 meters. He competed in the 2022 Athletics Fair for the Interamerican University winning three gold medals (10 thousand, 5 thousand and 1,500 meters).

“Yesterday night I received the call from the President and Betsmara. I got a little scared. When they told me that he had been chosen as the flag bearer, I was speechless. It’s something big!” said Pagán Ortiz.

“It’s not just representing Puerto Rico. But also be flag bearer. Give me this opportunity. I am very grateful. I have no words. Let’s go with everything. We are very anxious to get to Guadeloupe and give our best”, said the very emotional athlete to the Delegation.

The Puerto Rico Delegation will compete in athletics, 3×3 basketball, specialty cycling against the clock and road, judo and swimming.

Puerto Rico will participate in eSports

For the first time, Puerto Rico was invited to participate in eSports: Alejandro Carrasquillo (with the pseudo Devil Dragunov, Tekken 7 event), Christian Latorre (with the pseudo Latorre, Efootball 1v1 event), Christian Matos (with the pseudo Headshot, events Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8, Demon Slayer), Edwin González (with pseudo Ajax Fidelity, Tekken 7 events, Street Fighter V Champion edition) and Ricardo Román (with pseudo Mono, Street Fighter V Champion edition event).

Rosario welcomed the group of eSporters. “Welcome! I am very happy with this first participation of you. Know that the Olympic Movement is very aware of what is happening in eSports. We still don’t know the world of eSports well, but that’s why they’re here… to educate us, to teach us and to try to continue instilling this sport in different events of the Olympic cycle. You, like the others, are part of the future that is rising worldwide. Thank you for accepting the invitation and being present”, said the president of COPUR.

These games have been organized by the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC). It will have the participation of 30 countries in eight sports: athletics, 3×3 basketball, futsal, judo, swimming, netball and eSports with 800 athletes and 200 officials.

Puerto Rico Campaign, we are a high performance country

Rosario Vélez presented to the public the new country campaign Puerto Rico, we are a high performance country.

“Today we present the Puerto Rico campaign, we are a high-performance country, because we really are a high-performance country. I want us to start looking at high performance from today, not only for our athletes, but individually. What can I do to lead myself to be a high performer?” added Rosario Vélez.

The campaign is carried out by high-performance athletes from COPUR. The first video stars the Utuadian tennis player and double Olympian, Adriana Díaz.