Lost Ark: When Arthas, Will Smith, Jinx and other celebrities come into play

Have you ever dreamed of being able to embody a famous character from another license in Lost Ark? No ? This article might just change your mind. From Kratos from God of War to Jinx from League of Legends, Omni-Man from Invincible and Tyrande Whisperwind from Warcraft, we offer you a whole host of customization options to allow your character to look like two drops of to your favorite characters!

  • All Presets in this article are from the subReddit lostarkcustomization and the unofficial Discord dedicated to Lost Ark

How do I import a Preset into Lost Ark?

To be able to import the appearances that we propose to you following this article, you must first import what are called “presets”. The idea is quite simple: you download a file on the link associated with the desired skin, then you place it in one of the folders where your game directory is located. That’s it!

The file you download (available by clicking on the word “Preset” in the examples below) is in the format .cus. Just drag it into the folder Customizing located under the following tree structure (by default):

  • C:GamesSteamLibrarysteamappscommonLost ArkEFGameCustomizing

To simply access the folder Customizingyou can also right click on Lost Ark in the Steam app and select Properties. From there, go to Files localselect Browse and open the folder EFGame then Customizing.

Once in the appropriate folder, all you have to do is add all the Presets you have in the format .cus. You will then find them in game in the character creation tool appropriate to each archetype associated with each of your presets, which you will then only have to select before creating your new character with the face of your choice !

How to export a Preset in Lost Ark?

Exporting presets is exactly the same as importing, but in reverse.

First you need to save the appearance you just created. To do this, select one of the locations of Saved Customizations then click OK. Make sure it’s a free slot, or one that doesn’t already have a Preset you want to keep, otherwise it will be deleted!

To export it, all you have to do is go to the following tree structure and place it in a file that anyone can download, on Google Drive for example:

  • C:GamesSteamLibrarysteamappscommonLost ArkEFGameCustomizing

Each Preset can be recognized by the number you assign to it since this is in the name of the associated .cus file. If you select the first location of a Warrior, then the file to export will be in our example Customizing_Warrior_slot0 (there is always a difference of 1 between the associated number and the one assigned to your file).

Lost Ark Assassin Presets

  1. Raven (Teen Titans): Preset by Cuzz Lightyear
  2. Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII): Preset by Snom
  3. Nezuko (Kimetsu No Yaiba): Preset by Iria1524
  4. 2B (NieR: Automata): Preset by JezusEsaHaverok
Raven - Lost Ark

Lightning - Lost Ark

Nezuko - Lost Ark

2B - Lost Ark

Lost Ark Warrior Presets

  1. Arthas Death Knight (World of Warcraft): Preset by Suchface
  2. Omni-Man (Invincible): Preset by SpecOps_Spencer
  3. Kratos (God of War): Preset by Nickulator
  4. Uther (Warcraft): Preset by kentsui
Arthas - Lost Ark

Omni-Man - Lost Ark

Kratos - Lost Ark

Uther - Lost Ark

Presets for the Lost Ark Mage

  1. Tyrande Whisperwind (Warcraft): Preset by Acroft
  2. Y’Shtola (Final Fantasy XIV): Preset by Chibs
  3. Zero Two (Darling in the Franxx): Preset by Dezz
  4. Ahri KDA (League of Legends): Preset by Mia and AddAddR
Tyrande Whisperwind - Lost Ark
Tyrande Whisperwind

Y'Shtola - Lost Ark

Zero Two - Lost Ark
Zero Two

Ahri (KDA) - Lost Ark
Ahri (KDA)

Lost Ark Martialist (Male) Presets

  1. Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter): Preset by ast01f0
  2. Thanos (Marvel Comics): Preset by Cuzz Lightyear
  3. Akuma (Street Fighter): Preset by JezusEsaHaverok
  4. Jin Kazama (Tekken): Preset by Ozyero
Hisoka - Lost Ark

Thanos - Lost Ark

Akuma - Lost Ark

Jin Kazama - Lost Ark
Jin Kazama

Lost Ark Martialist (Female) Presets

  1. Miruko (Boku no Hero Academia): Unknown preset
  2. Nidalee (League of Legends): Preset by Qcurbit

Notes: Unfortunately few creators seem to play/enjoy the Martialist, so we only found a few other famous characters whose face was recreated in Lost Ark for this archetype. If you find any, feel free to share them!

Miruko - Lost Ark

Nidalee - Lost Ark

Lost Ark Sniper (Male) Presets

  1. Will Smith: Preset
  2. Lelouch (Code Geass): Preset by Engels
  3. Ryuk (Death Note): Preset by JezusEsaHaverok
  4. Noctis (Final Fantasy XV): Preset by Susie
Will Smith - Lost Ark
Will Smith

Lelouch - Lost Ark

Ryuk - Lost Ark

Noctis - Lost Ark

Lost Ark Sniper (Female) Presets

  1. Ciri (The Witcher): Preset
  2. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil): Preset by Tako
  3. Jinx (League of Legends): Preset by Engels
  4. Yennefer (The Witcher): Preset by Henzu
Ciri - Lost Ark

Jill Valentine - Lost Ark
Jill Valentine

Jinx - Lost Ark

Yennefer - Lost Ark

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