Lots of announcements from Panini, February 25, 2022

On this Friday, the editions Panini decided to make full announcements on social networks, throughout the afternoon. Here is our recap!

It starts with a first original creation released in 2018 in Italy, via the Italian parent company of the publisher: Somnia !

This is a fantastic story in 2 volumes by Liza E.Anzen and of Federica DiMeo (Raving Rabbids Luminys Quest). In his country, the series has had several spin-offs.

Exit scheduled on July 13 at the price of 7€29.

Myra is a very unique young girl. While the world around her experiences and expresses a wide range of emotions, it is impossible for her to feel any. Curious to understand what dreams are and what the word “wish” means, she joins the Guild of Creators, the place where dreams are born. The task does not turn out to be easy for the young lady, who has caught the attention of two individuals as enigmatic as they are fascinating, especially since a twist of events will propel her to the head of the Guild!

The Marvel x Shueisha titles will arrive in France at the publisher who has been publishing comics for years!

The editor will inaugurate this with Deadpool Samurai scheduled for this summer. The series consists of 2 volumes signed Kasama Sanchiro & Hikaru Uesugi.

The first volume is expected for the July, 1st at the price of 7€29.

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Deadpool, the most irreverent of superheroes arrives in Tokyo! He responds to an invitation from Iron Man to join the new Avengers samurai squad. Attracted by money and an all-expenses-paid getaway abroad, the mercenary takes his ease and intends to enjoy his stay. But between the arrival of superhero “colleagues”, new heroes and titanic duels, Deadpool will have little time to rest!

the manga artist Mosaic Noharawhich we discovered with the recent BEM, will return this summer with a Victorian series: From the Red Fog.

Launched in 2020, the latter is still in progress with 3 volumes for the moment.

Release of the first volume on July, 1st at the price of 8€29.

1645810769 977 Lots of announcements from Panini February 25 2022

England, 19th century. Ruwanda is a young boy born into a world torn between order and chaos, wealth and misery. Freed from the grip of his mother, he emerges from the darkness, his hands covered with the blood of many innocent people. What future does life hold for an orphan who knows only death and suffering? Who only knows loneliness and darkness?

The talented Takahashi Tsutomu will return to the publisher’s catalog in 2022 with the reissue of two of its series: Soul Keeper and the thriller Blue Heaven.

The first of the two is expected next month, the March 23.

1645810769 167 Lots of announcements from Panini February 25 2022 1645810769 13 Lots of announcements from Panini February 25 2022

Panini will continue the reissues of its emblematic series with a new edition of City Hunter in perfect version (the same type of edition as Eden, Banana Fish and 20th Century Boys).

An edition in 16 volumes + a 17th (with XYZ) and a revised translation. The first 2 volumes are scheduled for July 6 at the price of 16€99 each.

1645810770 93 Lots of announcements from Panini February 25 2022

Another return: that of planets ! The humanist work of Makoto Yukimura will benefit from a perfect edition in 3 volumes, with new scans and a rich editorial apparatus written by CNES experts. What’s more, volume 1 will be entitled to a limited edition, with an exclusive cover designed by an artist whose name is kept secret for the moment.

Volume 1 is due on June 15 at the price of 19€99.

1645810771 320 Lots of announcements from Panini February 25 2022

After the return of Banana Fish since last year, the excellent Akimi Yoshida will be back with a work hitherto unpublished in France: yasha.

A science fiction shoujo originally published in Japan in the form of 12 volumes between 1996 and 2002, after a pre-publication in the magazines Flowers and Betsucomi of Shôgakukan.

The series will be released in France in a Perfect edition in 6 volumes.

1645810771 885 Lots of announcements from Panini February 25 2022

At last, Demon SlayerPanini’s flagship series, will not be outdone with the release of additional books and surprises to celebrate the end of the series this year.

First, the fanbooks of the manga which will be offered at the price of 8€29, ultimate guides for all fans of the series. The first, Slayer’s Notebookwill be offered in a standard version or in a box set with volume 21 on March 23 !

1645810771 292 Lots of announcements from Panini February 25 2022 1645810771 46 Lots of announcements from Panini February 25 2022

In addition to the storyboard of the first three chapters of Kisatsu no Nagare, the project behind Demon Slayer, you will discover in this fan book the detailed portraits of the protagonists of the manga (age, date and place of birth, etc.) , never-before-seen illustrations by Koyoharu Gotouge, a wealth of anecdotes presented in the form of “little gossip from the Taishô era”, never-before-seen sketches made for the anime, as well as a plethora of information on the slayers. Koyoharu Gotouge really intended to satisfy her readers, whom she gratifies with an unpublished nine-page chapter. The icing on the cake, the illustrations of the jacket and the cover are unpublished drawings!

In parallel we can also find the first volume of a collection of coloring book. Volume 1 will be released on March 23and volume 2 in July.

1645810771 552 Lots of announcements from Panini February 25 2022 1645810771 853 Lots of announcements from Panini February 25 2022

36 illustrations taken from Koyoharu Gotouge’s cult work are on the program for this first coloring book, the back of the jacket of which is an exclusive poster featuring drawings from the book in color! Immerse yourself in the Demon Slayer universe and have fun coloring your favorite characters!

They will be accompanied by theart book, a book of more than 150 pages containing the best illustrations. It will be offered from July 13 at the price of 19€99.

1645810772 235 Lots of announcements from Panini February 25 2022

This artbook brings together the most beautiful color and black and white illustrations of the cult Demon Slayer series. Some are still unpublished in France! They are also accompanied by a chronology of the work and an afterword by the author. Koyoharu Gotouge also shares his thoughts, feelings and intentions at the time of their creation. of the novel of the film and volumes 2 of the coloring book and the fan book, show that the license still has a bright future ahead of it!