Luis Miguel Aguilar, at 12 years old, is a professional voice actor who has done dubbing for Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max and others from Hermosillo – Proyecto Puente

Hermosillo, Sonora.- To try to fulfill dreams “It’s never too late and it’s never too early,” he considers Luis Miguel Aguilar Medrano, 12-year-old dubbing actor.

The teenager started his career at the age of 10 and assured that he likes it a lot and fills him with happiness, because some of the opportunities have excited him to continue growing.


In an interview for Proyecto Puente, Luis Miguel shared that he had been contemplating dubbing since he was 6 years old and it became a dream when he did it for the first time.

Luis Miguel makes his recordings from Hermosillo, under the supervision of directors of the different production companies that call him to participate, in addition to being supported by the SDV team, who are in charge of making his recordings, equalization and modulation work, which increases the quality of their contributions.

“Well, the truth is that I have looked for dubbing a lot, since I was 6 years old I watched a series and thanks to it I discovered dubbing, but well, I had not been given the opportunity until I was 10 years old, when my aunt Perla told me send a casting and he says to me: ‘How are you, Luis? Do you want to do it?, and then he’s going to see what comes out, I did the castingwe sent it, it stayed and that was my first call, and the director liked my work so they kept talking to me, I kept working and learning many more things that they have contributed to this day, “he said.


Luis Miguel has collaborated with Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, Lionsgate; Spanish-dubbed YouTube channels such as Hot Wheels Latino, DC Kids Latino, Amelia, Avelia, and Akim.

“The truth is, I don’t search as such, I have searched a few times, but normally what usually comes to me are children’s things such as Amelia, Avelia and Akim, which is a channel for young children, Hot Wheels, DC Kids, and well, several things have been for that sector, but I have had one or another production that is for older people, among them is Peacemaker, which is a DC series about a villain that I really liked a lot, “he explained.

Luis clarified that the castings and productions were the beginning of his career, because once selected, he began to study at SDV to improve his performance.


“After the call, those from SDV informed me of Level 1 and the other courses, so I started taking them, first with N1 they were basic things, interpretation of characters, beginning of speech and things like that, then in N2, which is a little more advanced, because we have already been doing dubbing practices, speech practices, and already in the N3 it is something more advanced, it is to record part of a series”, he detailed.

The actor confessed that before any production, he feels nervous because he doesn’t know exactly what he will do and must dominate so that his performance is not harmed.

“The truth is, I feel that I still have to learn, I have only been in this for two years and if I have seen several past productions of mine, now that I have learned more, I think that I could have done them better than how I did them back then. and well, the path of learning helps you a lot, since you see things that you consider could have been done better”, he affirmed.

Doing the right voice, explains Luis Miguel, depends on the character, that’s why he seeks to design it in a special way that allows him to put himself in his skin and that helps him represent it in a more natural way.

“What they have taught me since Level 1 is to dress the monkey, give it its voice, give it the characterization it needs, there are types of voices, such as the nasal, the chest voice, which is deeper, the high-pitched voice; also if it’s an ambient type, sometimes you have to improvise without a fixed script, but well, hopefully something will turn out well, ”he specified.

The actor announced that he wants to do several projects, including anime dubbing, but he appreciates where he is invited to participate, because for him, it is the same job and with different ways of doing it.

“For example, there is a series called Demon Slayer, which still has seasons in animation, since it is anime, and has not yet finished being dubbed 100 percent, there are children’s characters that have not been dubbed and I would really like to a lot to participate in that series, ”he revealed.

Among Luis Miguel’s favorite series are One Piece, Demon Slayer, Naruto, One Punch Man and Dragon Ball, this was one of his strong influences for dubbing and others with artists in real life are Stranger Things, Umbrella Academy, among others. others.

The teenager’s last job was about a month ago in the Matchbox adventure series that is on YouTube (Hot Wheels Spanish), and it is one of the productions that he likes the most, because it reminds him of him.

The actor said that his relatives congratulated him a lot on his success and encourage him to continue pursuing his dreams; as do his friends, who, despite the jokes, applaud him for doing it.

“It’s not like they dislike me or anything, on the contrary, they’re happy for me. There were many congratulations, many hugs, wishes to grow if that is what I like, “she said.

Luis added that although it is not one of his priorities, he would not dislike working in conventional acting, because thanks to the preparation he received from his teachers at Level 4, Iván and Julián, he is willing to venture into this type of exercise.

“Yes, I would like to, for example, if I receive a casting about a series or movie live actionYes, I would because, after all, I really like acting and dubbing”, he commented.

The young man pointed out that he has thought about what he would do with this discipline and among those plans he also considers a career in medicine, as several people in his family have done.

“I have thought about going to Mexico City, going to study acting or something of that style, to learn more and be able to grow more, in addition to looking for big studios, to propose working with me and me working with them, but if for some reason , which we hope does not happen, dubbing cannot reach the point of being a career for my whole life, I would like to study medicine to be able to help people and be someone good, “he said.

Luis urged those who have a dream or a goal to fulfill, not to give up because he knows stories of children starting four years in the trade and elderly people.

“If you like it, if you want to dedicate yourself to this, look for it, because somewhere there is going to be someone who is going to take your hand and tell you: ‘I’ll help you’ and never give up, because it took me four years and I didn’t I never gave up, I always had the fixed idea and I achieved it”, he concluded.

Some of the productions where you can learn about Luis Miguel’s work are: ‘The story of David copperfield’, ‘Say I do’, ‘Peacemaker’, ‘Mudanzas al cielo’, ‘Generación 56k’, ‘Pinocchio digital edition’, ‘The ride’, ‘Voyagers’, ‘Mighty express’, ‘Hush hush sweet charlotte’, ‘My unorthodox life’, ‘Bless the harta’, ‘Harts’, ‘Hot Wheels Aventuras Matchbox’, ‘DC Super Friends Latino’ .