Lupine Zero reveals its first images and its cast

Edgar from the heist really doesn’t have a minute to himself. In its last 4 years, the franchise has returned to the limelight with a Animation Film in 2019 and an animated series in 2021. That said, the franchise does not intend to stop there and is already returning to the charge with new projects.

Credits: Telecom Animation Film

One of these famous projects is actually a series that bears the title of Lupine Zero.

The first steps of Lupine III

The year 2023 promises to be even busier than the one we are currently going through. While the japanimation industry has never been better, new titles will be appearing very soon. In addition to the well-known, Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack of the Titans, or even Demon Slayer, it will also be necessary to count on Lupine III in 2023.

Although Monkey Punch, the iconic mangaka behind this manga, passed away in 2019, his work is still relevant. A brand new project titled Lupine Zero, which revisits Lupin’s childhood, will soon see the light of day. And hold on tight, because the series will debut on December 16 in Japan and will be compiled into 6 episodes.

On the other hand, it is important to specify that the anime will be available abroad only on HIDIVE for its premiere. Without further ado, discover below, the first images of some scenes from the anime Lupine Zero:

The production team

To give life to this new series whose plot takes place in the 1960s, the mission to adapt it falls to the animation studio Telecom Animation Film. The production of the series is then entrusted to Daisuke Sako. The latter is accompanied by Ichiro Okouchi who is in charge of the script while Asami Taguchi takes care of the character design.

Yoshihide Otomo was given the position of composer and Seiichi Shirato finds himself in charge of the decor. Besides these few details, the names of some voice actors have been revealed. And for now, those are the names of the voice actors who lend their voices to the show’s main duo.

Said voice actors are Tasuku Hatanaka (Lupin) and Shunsuke Takeychi (Jigen). As you can see, we’re not done with the Lupine franchise yet. And as good news never comes alone, know that another project is also expected in 2023.

This is an unreleased crossover between Lupine III and Cat’s Eye, titled Lupine III vs Cat’s Eye. Said anime movie will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime. Suffice to say that with the crème de la crème of burglars, this feature film also promises to be boosted. Here is the trailer and the first visual.


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