Manga: which of Naruto or One Piece is the most loved by the French? A new survey answers

Which of Luffy or Naruto are the most popular in France? To this astonishing question, Ifop delivered an interesting and quite serious survey of the French, who are still fond of manga and anime.

So what about this duel that brings together the two most popular manga in France? Between One Piece and Naruto, the hearts of the French balance on the side of the orange ninja with blond hair. The latter thus gathers 59% of the votes among the 3,015 people surveyed aged 18 and over, when the pirate with elastic limbs only gathers 41%.

Revealed this Thursday, March 10, this unprecedented study, conducted by the famous polling institute, was also interested in other champions of the world of manga and anime. Starting with Dragon Ball, which turns out to be by far the most popular work by those surveyed.

To the question: what is the most famous shônen of the French? Dragon Ball arrives at the top of the podium (hands down) with a notoriety rate reaching 68%, Naruto following closely by being known by one in two French people (55%), One Piece closing this podium with a rate of 44%.

Mangas that seduce men and women

Figures that reflect the strong popularity of Japanese works in France, both among men and women. In detail, this survey highlights that “Dragon Ball is especially “loved” by men (60%) against 40% of women, mainly among 35-49 year olds, while Naruto almost reaches parity (54/ 46%) especially among 18-24 year olds, which is seen in convention where we see that it is a much more mixed work, while One Piece remains much more gendered (61% / 39%)”, explains Jean-Philippe Dubrulle, director of studies at Ifop.

Further, the survey also establishes a ranking of notoriety of the ten manga which would be the best known in France. If Dragon Ball, Naruto and One Piece are the first three, Attack on Titan is in 4th position with a notoriety rate of 37%, Death Note and Fairy Tale (tied with a quarter of respondents who say they know them at less name), while My Hero Academia (24%), Demon Slayer (21%), One Punch Man (18%) and Jujutsu Kaisen (15%) close out this top 10.