MAPPA: season 2 of this incredible anime gets an epic first trailer

For several years now, Netflix has continued its rise in the anime world. A catalog that is more diverse than ever, allowing audiences from all walks of life to discover the best of Japanese animation, The attack of the Titans at demon slayer. And now, in this month of June 2022, an incredible anime from MAPPA offers an epic trailer.

a first trailer for an expected season 2

Known for its quality, detailed and explosive animations, the MAPPA studio can be found behind great vintages like the last season of The attack of the Titans, Jujutsu Kaisen, The God of High School or Yuri on Ice. An explosive animation that allows the fights to take on a whole new dimension, bringing a very appreciable cachet to the work viewed. And faced with the resurgence of high-quality studios, MAPPA was able to convince and win the hearts of the first interested parties.

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A guarantee of quality for an animation studio which recently inherited season 2 of Vinland Saga. A news confirmed by Makoto Yukimura, his mangaka, who explained that a first teaser for this new season was under development. Additionally, the director has confirmed that he will be doing a complete adaptation of the original work, meaning the entire manga will be adapted. He then declared that we could expect a third and even a fourth season.

MAPPA season 2 of this incredible anime gets an epic

As a reminder, Vinland Saga has already been able to enjoy a first season for its anime, broadcast between July and December 2019. Fans are now waiting to find out what happens next. A sequel that comes this Wednesday, June 8 in the form of an epic first trailer to discover just below.

Vinland Saga plunges us into a story taking place in the Viking Age, where we follow the adventures of Thorfinn in a world as ruthless as it is brutal. The first season focused on the protagonist’s youth and his quest for revenge., showing the evolution of a naive child into a fearsome warrior capable of outdoing the best fighters. Far from the clichés and stereotypes that can be found in this genre, this first season has managed to skillfully address a wide variety of subjects. A work that draws its inspiration from several Icelandic sagas and the discovery of North America by the Vikings.

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