Melissa Lissova conquers us with her cosplay of Shinobu Kocho from Demon Slayer

That time of day has come, let’s talk about cosplay!, we might think that only the most popular cosplayers give us great versions of iconic characters, but in reality this is not the case, since there are hundreds of exponents who might not be among the top ten of popularity, but have a talent that stands out. notes everywhere.

She is Melissa Lissovawhom you might also meet on networks like Foxy Lissa-chan, a beautiful Russian model and cosplayer, who is a big fan of anime and Japanese culture, she has a sweet appearance that stands out in front of the camera lens, resulting in epic cosplay versions, which you can find on her official Instagram as @melissa_lissova, where she has more than 217 thousand followers.

And it is that, many decide better to turn around a project when it is a character that is not the protagonist of the series or video game, but then those who do appear and the results are the best, because they manage to get out of the screen the essence of each character they come to represent.

Now, we bring you a new cosplay version of shinobu kochoa cute-looking girl, who turns out to be a swordsman inside the pillars, a minor character in the popular anime Kimetsu no Yaibawho has earned the attention of fans, because she is not only a demon hunter, but despite her small complexion, her Nichirin sword has a design in the shape of butterfly wings that always supports her.

A girl who has a laid-back personality and special eyes, who we always see with a smile no matter what. In contrast to her personality, while she hunts demons she shows a cruel and sadistic personality, which is quite useful when facing them, keeping in mind her hatred for them since the death of her sister Kanae.

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